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Batched Sangrias: 6 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes For A Housewarming Party

Six Batched Sangrias For A Crowd-Pleasing, Housewarming Fiesta

If you have just bought or rented a new house and upon setting it up, are now planning to invite friends and colleagues over for a little housewarming fiesta, one question at the top of your mind would be what kind of drinks to serve them. While it is easy to put out a few bottles of whisky and vodka with some cold drinks and set-up a DIY cocktail bar, another cool alternative is to make batches of sangrias that can be prepared quickly, with very little effort for guests to sip on. Cut out the effort of mixing different drinks and instead prepare sangria pitchers that everyone can enjoy while munching on bar bites.

There are lots of different sangria variations that can be prepared following simple low prep recipes that will not keep you engaged in the kitchen for a long time, yet help you to produce some delectable concoctions. Besides, making sangrias also keeps your shopping list limited as you have to shop for just a few bottles of quality wine along with some fruits and brandy. So, next time you want to prepare crowd-pleasing cocktails, go for sangrias to add a flavourful flourish to your housewarming fiesta.

Here are a few variations of batched sangrias that you can produce when you want to host your guests at home for the first time:

Classic Red And White Sangria

Classic sangrias are the best alternatives when you want to make batched cocktails at a housewarming party. They are sophisticated and elegant mixes that can be produced in bulk and which induce a very pleasing buzz. You can select from an array of whites and reds to make this mix using the vinos, some chopped up pears and apples and a hint of brandy for an added crispy layer. Serve it in tall wine glasses and make sure you keep topping them up!

Six Batched Sangrias For A Crowd-Pleasing, Housewarming Fiesta

Rosé Sangria

Out of all the sangria variations that abound, this one feels most elegant because of its subtly sweet, sparkly notes that exude a pleasing pink hue when blended with other ingredients like elderflower liqueur, some grapefruit juice and agave. Make sure you mix all the elements properly when you prepare this cocktail otherwise it will be difficult to arrive at a flavour balance. Use a premium wine to craft this mix so you can enjoy its sweet and fruity notes.

Citrus Sangria

Make your sangria a tad zesty and tangy by filling it with citrusy elements. Prepare a drink filled with orange juice, lots of lime juice, a touch of agave syrup and some sparkling water for a light fizz. Incorporate white wine like pinot grigio or a chardonnay in the preparation of the citrus sangria and make it in large batches one after the other so you can cater to a whole lot of incoming guests.

Six Batched Sangrias For A Crowd-Pleasing, Housewarming Fiesta

Tropical Sangria

When you host a party at home keeping to a very laid back and relaxed vibe, you can make a tropical sangria using moscato wine, some coconut rum and lots of tropical fruits like pineapples, oranges, mangoes and kiwis. The drink will carry a very fresh flavour and vibrant taste making it perfect for those times when you want your guests to have a very chilled time moving through your home as you give them a tour of your new abode.

Autumnal Sangria

If your housewarming falls in autumn, you can prepare batched sangrias which celebrate warm and soothing offerings well-suited to this pleasant season. Prepare this batched cocktail using a mix of red wine like zinfandel or shiraz that would go well with a splash of dark rum. Add to this some spices like cinnamon and cloves along with a drizzle of maple syrup for sweetness. A bit of ginger ale added to the mix will elevate its intensity making this drink a lovely way to celebrate the twilight casting a mystical glow in your home.


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