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Six Cocktails Inspired By The Flavours Of Spanish Kitchens

Six Cocktails Inspired By The Flavours Of Spanish Kitchens

Spanish cuisine is a mix of some really vibrant flavours and incorporates lots of meats, breads, seafood and tangy veggies into its recipes to concoct really irresistible dishes. From tapas like tortillas and croquettes to pastas and paella, Spanish food packs lots of tangy, herby and sour flavours derived from tomatoes, shellfish, basil, ham, vinegar and other ingredients with complex profiles. So is the case with Spanish cocktails too, there are so many boozy variations which in fact carry a whiff of this very culturally rich province.

In modern mixology, tons of ingredients like sage, elderflower liqueur, cava and pineapples go into crafting cocktails that are reminiscent of a beach in Majorca or the streets of Madrid. These drinks also bring to mind some signature ingredients that make up Spanish cuisine like tomatoes and basil and a whole host of fruits.

Read on below to know more about some drinks which are inspired by the flavours used abundantly in Spanish recipes:

Sage And Blackberry Champagne

Spanish sage is used widely in making pastas and paellas. Inspired by these flavours, there are tons of cocktails that can be crafted to celebrate the vibrant aromas wafting out of a Spanish kitchen. One such drink is the sage and blackberry champagne which combines the intense flavours of the spice with the tang of the fruit mixed with a lovely bubbly. The delightful colour of the cocktail is as inviting as it is tasty.

Six Cocktails Inspired By The Flavours Of Spanish Kitchens

Agua de Valencia

This is a classic Spanish cocktail inspired by wines and aromatics found in the region. It incorporates cava or a sparkling Spanish wine into the recipe along with citrusy orange juice for an absolute explosion of flavour. The drink also consists of both vodka and gin and packs quite a punch so have it sparingly!

Gazpacho Bloody Mary

If there was one spicy dish which revelled in the flavours that Spanish or Andalusian cuisine has to offer, it is the peppery soup or gazpacho. A stunning take on the bloody mary is to infuse it with some of this cold soup along with signature helpings of tomato juice and tabasco. The vodka cocktail becomes such an intensely flavoured drink that it is simply hard to resist. Make a gazpacho bloody mary the next time you host a brunch at home and serve it with some empanadas or a fresh salad to enjoy a proper Spanish meal spread.

Pineapple Margaritas

Pineapple is a widely used ingredient in Spanish cuisine, in salads as well as in other savoury dishes. A pineapple margarita inspired from these flavours is the perfect drink to prepare while curating a delectable spread featuring some classic pastas or ceviches. You can infuse the tequila and triple sec mix with chunks of pineapple or pineapple juice to introduce a nice tang into the drink.

Six Cocktails Inspired By The Flavours Of Spanish Kitchens

Almond And Mocha Horchata Cocktail

Horchata or a mix made out of white rice and cinnamon is a classic Spanish drink, a clear favourite in the vast repository of this cuisine. Put a boozy spin on this classic drink by making a brew infused with creamy almonds and chocolate and a generous helping of rum. Serve the drink over plenty of ice and enjoy its dense and luxe goodness.

Tinto de Verano

Modern mixology is borrowing from many age-old techniques to craft simple but creative mixes that have a pleasing effect on your taste buds. The tinto de verano or a classic Spanish cocktail made from red wine and lemon-lime soda is one such drink. Use a premium quality grape to craft this cocktail and celebrate the flavours of a cuisine which widely incorporates wine into its culinary adventures. You can also use this recipe to craft a Singleton Plus Two cocktail and simply add equal proportions of soda, wine and whisky to a glass.

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