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Pair Coconut Water With These 6 Dishes For Your Summer Party Menu

Six Coconut Water And Food Pairings For Your Next Summer Party

When you are hosting a party during summers, one of the most delicious mocktails you can offer guests who are looking to cut down on their alcohol intake is coconut water that rests inside this hard, yet fleshy fruit.

Coconut water contains lots of hydrating and refreshing properties that has quickly made it a favourite among mixology enthusiasts who have been crafting lots of cocktails and mocktails using this liquid as their base ingredient. The drink is as versatile as it is subtly flavoured, opening it up to lots of delicious flavour pairings.

Such range is also evident in the diverse culinary treats that can go well with this natural elixir. You can pair coconut water with both savoury and sweet dishes and with wholesome meals and snacks for offering your guests a diverse array of foodie delights at your summer or tropical themed party.

Read on below to know more about some of the coconut water and food and snack pairings you can prepare at your upcoming home hosting endeavour:

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Shrimp Skewers

Marinate fresh shrimp and grill them on an open flame or barbecue to be served alongside chilled tender coconut water at the next garden party you host. The sweetness inherent to shrimp coupled with the slightly spicy and tangy marinade made from lime juice, herbs and a dash of paprika will go splendidly with the light sweetness and coconut taste of the natural non-alcoholic drink. This is an ideal pairing when you are hosting a leisurely brunch or early lunch in summers, out in the garden or on the patio.

Six Coconut Water And Food Pairings For Your Next Summer Party

Fresh Fruit Salad

Summers are the time to relish some delightful tangy, sour and sweet tropical fruits which refresh and energise your body and rejuvenate your spirits, as the temperatures rise. You can pair these cut up chunks of fruits with fresh coconut water to enjoy a fresh snack on warm evenings.

Seasonal and tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, melons, grapes and certain berries will bring a lip smacking tangy and tart quality to your fruit plate. Sprinkled with chilli powder or paprika, the dish will acquire a spicy finish that vibrantly contrasts the sweet notes of coconut water.

Six Coconut Water And Food Pairings For Your Next Summer Party

Tamarind Rice

Coconut water can be paired with lots of rice variations because it introduces a lightness on your palate that helps to counteract some of the zesty flavour notes in these dishes. You can serve a cooling and rejuvenating glass of coconut water with freshly prepared, warm tamarind rice whose tangy notes balance out the sweetness of the drink. Seasoned with curry leaves, tamarind, peanuts and cumin, the rice is quite flavourful on its own, but paired with coconut water it becomes a wholesome meal to be savoured on a warm day.

Six Coconut Water And Food Pairings For Your Next Summer Party

Vindaloo Curry

Coconut water goes really well with spicy curries because some of the sweet textures in the drink help to tame the heat in such preparations. One such meal that can be paired with coconut water is the spicy vindaloo curry and rice. This Goan delicacy is made using ginger, garlic, chillies and other spices and is generally packed with heat. Containing chicken or mutton, the effect of the spicy dish can be toned down by sips of coconut water enjoyed in between bites of the festive delicacy.

Six Coconut Water And Food Pairings For Your Next Summer Party

Raw Mango Skewers

As temperatures rise, we find ourselves craving tangy and zesty fruits which are going to leave us feeling refreshed. Raw mangoes are the go-to during such climes. Doused in salt and red chilli powder, raw mango slices can be hoisted on skewers and enjoyed for their lip smacking tang and acidity. You can pair these delicious seasonal bites with calming coconut water that balances the sourness in the fruit.

coconut granita

Coconut Granita

Coconut water goes as well with desserts as with savoury foods. When you offer a coconut granita at your summer bash, you can pair this cooling sweet dish with coconut water for enjoying the full impact of the fruit. The contrast between the subtly sweet water and the cold granita will enable you to explore the textural variations coconuts can offer.


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