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Six Dragonfruit Cocktails That Are As Game-Changing As They Are Stunning

Dragonfruit Cocktail

Cocktail enthusiasts, assemble! Today, we're embarking on a flavourful adventure with dragonfruit as our guide. This vibrant fruit isn't just about its stunning looks; it's a game-changer in mixology. We're pairing it with some fine liquor to reimagine classic drinks, each recipe carefully crafted to highlight the unique character of the low-calorie pitahaya.

Blush on the Beach

Forget everything you know about the quintessential beach drink. We're starting with a base of 50 ml Smirnoff Red. To this, integrate 30 ml of freshly pureed dragonfruit; its subtle earthiness plays beautifully with Smirnoff's clean profile. Complement this with 15 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice and a splash of cranberry, enhancing the tartness. The dragonfruit's nuanced flavours are highlighted, creating a drink less about the beach and more about the depth of the fruit.

Eastern Gin Fable

In this rework of the Tom Collins, we're using 50 ml of Gordon's Gin as the base. The botanicals in Gordon's find an unexpected partner in dragonfruit, whose sweetness and berry-like nuances add complexity. Add 20 ml of lemon juice and 15 ml of simple syrup, but let dragonfruit pulp lead the drink. This cocktail is an entirely new story, where the gin’s botanicals and dragonfruit’s mellow sweetness speak to each other in soft whispers.

Dragonfruit Cocktail

Dragonfruit and Ginger Whisky Fizz

For a flavour-packed delight that’s sure to please all, mix 50 ml of Black Dog Black Reserve with 30 ml of dragonfruit juice and 15 ml of lime juice. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top it off with Black and White ginger ale. The spicy ginger complements the smoothness of the whisky, and the dragonfruit sweetens the experience.

Antiquity Dragon Sour

Revisiting the whisky sour, we're going with 50 ml of Antiquity Blue. This spirit's robust profile is softened by the addition of dragonfruit puree. The fruit’s subtle flavour doesn't overpower but rather melds with the whisky, creating a drink where the sourness of lemon and the sweetness of the syrup provide the perfect backdrop to the dragonfruit’s quiet yet distinctive presence.

Highland Dragon Mojito

Reimagine the mojito with a dash of Scottish flair. Using 50 ml of Johnnie Walker Gold, renowned for its layered flavours, we introduce crushed mint and lime, but with a generous helping of dragonfruit. The dragonfruit brings a texture and a freshness that elevate the whisky's multifaceted character. Pro tip: You can turn this mojito into an equally delicious nojito by swapping out the Johnnie Walker with Gordon’s Tonic Water or just club soda.

dragonfruit cocktail

Dragon Rum Punch

Lastly, a fruity rum punch for those jungle jamborees. Blend 50 ml of Captain Morgan Dark Rum with 30 ml of dragonfruit puree, 20 ml of pineapple juice, and a dash of lime juice. Serve in a tall glass or fill up the jerry can for that jungle-juice vibe, sealing the drink with slices of pineapple and oranges. The rich rum and the exotic dragonfruit create a perfect jungle escape with every sip.
There you have it, folks—six dragonfruit cocktails that are sure to impress at your next gathering. Each one brings something unique to the table. Remember, the key to a great cocktail is to experiment and have fun with it, savouring each sip slowly. Cheers to a dragonfruit-filled adventure!

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