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Six Golgappa Inspired Mocktails That Pack A Minty Zing


Golgappa or pani puri is a favourite snack across most Indian regions. The minty and spicy hit of teekha paani (spicy potion) blended into sweet and tangy tamarind chutney can only be described as sheer mixology genius! The crunch of a delicious puri filled to the brim with a mix of these two liquid dips is like biting into an amuse-bouche sent from paradise. So, when mixologists innovate mocktail craft to add to pani puri some fruity or spicy elements, how can it be anything short of amazing?

There are several mocktails which are inspired by the minty, spicy and flavour-packed golgappas served by many enterprising vendors on crowded shopping streets and bustling city and town centres for the way they refresh your palate. These mocktails serve as inviting welcome drinks at any party you host at home and ready your stomach for the feast to follow by becoming a zesty palate cleanser.

Read on below to know more about some delicious and popular mocktails that are crafted as an ode to the golgappa:


While jaljeera has been around for ages, its modern claim to fame on a cocktail and mocktail bar is derived from the immense popularity of golgappas because the drink resembles the spicy and lip-smacking green, minty pani puri dip. Jaljeera is like an explosion of vibrant flavours of mint, pepper, black salt, citrus and tons of chillies which pack it with a bit of heat. Jaljeera is the ideal pre-meal drink that boosts your appetite and titillates your taste buds.

Tamarind Fizz

If you are fond of the tangy tamarind chutney and once in a while prefer your pani puri to be made of just this thick and syrupy dip, you would definitely enjoy gulping down a tamarind fizz, made out of the chutney and carbonated soda. You can add a dash of rock salt, tons of ice and sugar to the mix along with some mint syrup and generous flavourings of cumin powder for its distinctively 'chatpati' taste.


Mango Mint Spritzer

Mango and mint is a rather fun pairing of sweet and refreshing flavours that make for quirky mocktails. You can make a spritzer out of mango juice and lime along with sugar syrup and rock salt. Add to this generous helpings of crushed mint so its juices ooze into the glass introducing a lasting freshness in the beverage.

Virgin Tamarind Mojito

Sans the rum, tamarind mojito becomes a mocktail made out of triple sec, tamarind chutney, lime and mint known for its vibrant flavour and its deep, dark brown hues. The drink tastes best when cold, so add tons of ice to the mix and a dash of red chilli powder to introduce a layer of spiciness into the pani puri-inspired drink.

Flavoured Non-Alcoholic Pani Puri Shots

While vodka and tequila are added to pani puri water to make alcoholic shots, the non-alcoholic versions work just as well when you want a less boozy but fun treat. You can flavour the pani puri water with mango, kokum, pineapple and other fruity offerings that elevate the flavour profile of the spicy liquid while dousing its heat to make it palatable as a shot gulped in one sip.

Aam Panna Cooler

When you next make aam panna in summers, add to it a dash of mint and some paprika. Sprinkle jaljeera powder into the drink too, to give it more of a pani puri feel even as the sweet and sour notes of the panna inspire a rather complex flavour combination including the aromas of saffron and cardamom. A traditional aam panna mixed with notes of green pani puri water spells sheer delight for the taste buds.


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