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Hot Toddies With An Unexpected Ingredient: Don Julio Tequila

Six Recipes For Don Julio Hot Toddies To Keep You Warm On Chilly Nights

Among the warm and soothing drinks that abound in the cocktail pantheon, one that particularly stands out is the hot toddy, traditionally made from hot water, brandy, spices, and a touch of citrus. Enjoyed as the perfect nightcap on cool evenings, hot toddies are great at insulating you from the harshest winds of winter.

While there are a number of hot toddy variations perfect for sweater weather, an infusion of tequila helps to elevate the depth of this drink. A quality tequila like Don Julio (Blanco) is a much sought-after spirit for this purpose. There are a number of recipes you can follow to prepare the hot toddies that incorporate the blue agave spirit. Do note that the tequila introduces a complexity to the toddy because its peppery and oak-like notes impart a woody appeal. Adding tequila also packs a bit of a kick into a classic hot toddy, making it a most inviting drink for an intimate dinner.

Here are some hot toddies you can prepare with a Don Julio Blanco tequila to make the most of sweater weather:

Hot Toddy Blanco

Traditionally, a hot toddy is crafted using either whisky or brandy but if you want to change the base spirit into a more eclectic variation, you can go for a Don Julio Blanco whose flavour profile compliments the spices that would be added to the concoction. Be generous with your tequila and go for a 45 ml pour otherwise the spices like cinnamon, cloves and star anise that are required to make the toddy will drown out the flavours of the spirit, making the drink a tad overpowering.

Six Recipes For Don Julio Hot Toddies To Keep You Warm On Chilly Nights

Maple Hot Toddy With Tequila

A hot toddy recipe involves adding honey to make the drink sweeter and bring about a flavour balance amidst lots of intense ingredients like spices, citruses and liquor. As a variation, you can swap the honey for sweet maple syrup and introduce the slightly smoky notes of a tequila blanco into the recipe. Maple and tequila would seem like an unusual pairing but when blended in a hot toddy recipe, each compliments the other to present a drink that is thoroughly soothing and appropriately sweet.

Apple Cider And Blanco Toddy

Craft a hot toddy using apple cider as your base spirit with the addition of a tequila blanco. The fruity flavours and aromas of traditional apple cider lend themselves beautifully to the deep flavours of a classic Don Julio Blanco making this pair stand out for its simple but citrusy flavours. Coupled with a host of spices and herbs, the drink can actually become very well balanced because the apple cider cuts through some of the intensity of other intensely flavoured, heat-packed ingredients.

Ginger And Blanco Hot Toddy

Make a hot toddy using Don Julio Blanco as your base spirit and infuse the drink with lots of shaved ginger. This spice has a very zesty and spicy flavour and lots of healing properties well-suited to ridding your colds and coughs. Blended with hot water and cloves, it can work wonders in a cocktail infused with tequila as this pairing in fact leads to a curiously delicious and mouthwatering drink.

Six Recipes For Don Julio Hot Toddies To Keep You Warm On Chilly Nights

Peppermint And Don Julio Toddy

Craft a warm toddy infused with peppermint schnapps for festive and refreshing feels. In this too, you can swap the brandy for a Don Julio Blanco because tequila and peppermint make for a very happy marriage. The peppery flavours of tequila blended with the freshness of peppermint make this combination very appealing. And coupled with honey, hot water and herbs, the hot toddy acquires a very relaxing quality, perfect for harsh winters.


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