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Match Your Almond Cocktail To The Season: Be Ready To 'Fall' In Love

Six Seasonal Almond Cocktails To Embrace The Flavours Of Changing Climes

Cocktail craft is full of recipes that bring together lots of exquisite and elegant ingredients to make mixes as tempting in look and feel as they are in taste and texture. Many ingredients take centre stage when it comes to mixology including bitters and citrus fruits, floral liqueurs and infused wines. Yet, one element which is often overlooked in cocktail making but carries lots of intense flavours is the versatile almond, and almond infused syrups, liqueurs and essences which add a touch of earthy, nutty, toasty elements to any recipe.

And as with most bartending practices, almonds can be incorporated into many seasonal recipes which celebrate some of the ingredients that are most enjoyed in those months. From a sparkling spritz perfect for summers to a toasted almond cocktail that is a creamy and indulgent winter treat, there are many different almond-forward cocktails you can prepare across the changing seasons to suit your shifting palate as you adjust with shifting climes.

Read on below to know more about some of the seasonal variations of almond based cocktails you can make the next time you decide to play bartender at a party you throw in your home:

Roasted Almond Cocktail

Fall heralds wonderfully warm colours – shades of maroon, yellows and oranges bringing an involuntary smile on our lips. During this season, temperatures drop but not too much, the winds are cool but hardly harsh. And at such times, the perfect tipple to savour is the roasted almond cocktail made from a Ketel One Premium Distilled vodka, some coffee liqueur, generous quantities of the almond-infused amaretto and lots of French vanilla creamer. It is a perfectly indulgent drink ideal for those evenings when you watch the fall twilight come on with a good book in hand.

Six Seasonal Almond Cocktails To Embrace The Flavours Of Changing Climes

Almond Gin Sour

Come spring, our taste buds demand something fresh and blossomy just like the flowers blooming in our gardens. One of the cocktails to prepare at this time is the almond gin sour made from quality Tanqueray No. Ten gin and a lot of crushed almonds that work as splendid garnishes. Whether you use almond-infused sugar syrup or almond essence, the drink would still be full of an earthy quality that coupled with the botanical flavours of gin and the foamy egg white sitting atop the glass will make for a complex, refreshing and light blend.

Cherry Amaretto Cocktail

Changing seasons not only spell shifting weathers but also mean lots of festivals during which we end up gorging on mouth watering treats and sumptuous repasts. This is the time to prepare rather decadent mixes in tune with the festive spirit which means almonds with their creamy, toasty notes make a prominent appearance in cocktail craft. Prepare a cherry amaretto by blending cherry brandy and the almond liqueur for a smooth sipping drink perfect for every festive occasion.

Winter Pear Cocktail

In winters, one favours sweet pies and decadent desserts and cocktails that feature sweet and spicy flavours enough to warm you up as the temperatures drop. This is the time to make a winter pear cocktail using a Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka, fresh ripe pears and a sprinkling of cloves for that spicy and umami touch. The cocktail can be topped off with an egg white foam and garnished with edible flowers for a delightfully festive winter touch.

Six Seasonal Almond Cocktails To Embrace The Flavours Of Changing Climes

Amaretto And Grapefruit Spritz

Amaretto is generally crafted using apricots or almonds and you can use this liqueur in abundance when you want to prepare a cocktail that highlights such earthy flavours. A spritz can be made in summer using a tart grapefruit juice and some quality amaretto along with a splash of bubbly prosecco which adds a stunning complexity to the blend. It is a perfectly refreshing mix for the summer season and a welcome breath of freshness in the rising heat.

Amaretto Sour

A classic cocktail made from amaretto and lemon juice, this one follows a simple recipe that can be reproduced at any home bar. You can prepare a soothing yet vibrant amaretto sour in humid monsoons and enjoy a complex cocktail with lots of depth as you remain indoors watching the dark skies unleash deafening thunder and rain.


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