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Six Tamarind Cocktails To Amp Your Cocktail Game This Spring

Six Tamarind Cocktails To Amp Your Cocktail Game This Spring

Tamarind is one of the most versatile cocktail mixers out there. It can be used to make different kinds of syrups that infuse your drinks with sweet, sour and spicy notes per your requirement. Out of all the different mixers that you would add to your summer cocktails, tamarind also is perhaps one of the freshest because of its spiky and rather tangy quality. Nowadays, bartenders and mixologists are dabbling quite a bit with this tropical fruit to introduce it into thoroughly inventive cocktail mixes that can titillate your taste buds.

The fruit can also be mixed with other fresh ingredients like ginger and mint, chillies and coconut milk to craft a very unique flavour mix that goes well with a lot of spirits like vodka, white rum and tequila. Undoubtedly then, there are a number of different drinks that can be made using tamarind syrup or a sweet and tangy tamarind sauce to elevate your cocktail experience, especially when you try to beat the heat during warm climes.

Here are six tamarind infused drinks you might want to shake up when you are next home hosting a summer gathering:

Tamarind Margarita

Make a batch of your classic margarita but with a twist. In a concoction of a premium Don Julio Blanco, generous helpings of triple sec and lime, introduce the tangy twists of a tamarind paste which infuses the drink with a very sour and sweet quality. The cocktail will also acquire the deep brown hues of the dark fruit making it just as visually stunning. You can rim the glass with sea salt and pour maple syrup for garnish to make this drink even more indulgent.

Tamarind Mezcal Mule

Mezcal is a broader variant of tequila with origins in Mexico. It is made from agave too but has a slightly spicier and smokier texture than the tequila. The spirit however, is just as versatile when it comes to crafting cocktails. You can make a spiky mezcal mule by swapping vodka for this liquor and introducing zesty notes of tamarind paste and ginger beer into the mix. The tamarind will introduce a jolt of freshness and tang into this drink which packs quite a kick.

Tamarind Mojitos

If you are fond of the classic white rum cocktail, you can put a more inventive spin on this drink by mixing a bit of tamarind nectar into the recipe. The drink is perfect for a warm, summer day because its tart and slightly acidic notes help to nicely counteract the heat of a sweltering day. The mint and lime garnish also introduce some rejuvenating qualities into the drink.

Tamarind Shandy

Shandy was a cocktail invented in the 19th century and is made with full-flavoured lager. The beer cocktail is light and very crisp and you can add a slight surprise into the recipe by mixing lager and lemonade with a bit of tamarind syrup. Perfect for outdoor pool parties, you can make the shandy by simply mixing frothy beer with tamarind lemonade too.

Tamarind Daiquiri

One of the most classic recipes for your summertime cocktail needs is a refreshing daiquiri. Use quality white rum and lime juice along with simple syrup to make this drink shine and infuse it with a tangy, concentrated tamarind paste so that its hues ooze lightly into the drink giving it a very mystical quality.

Tamarind Gin Fizz

A very simple but potent drink you can make out of tamarind is the gin fizz with a sour and sweet touch. Tamarind paste goes really well with a botanically enriched liquor so make this classic cocktail using a Tanqueray No. Ten to add a bit of pizazz to your cocktail bar. Shake the drink with tons of ice because it tastes best when chilled.


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