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Six Unconventional Drinking Vessels To Upgrade Your Home Bar

unconventional cocktail containers

Having a dram of whisky from a rocks glass is all fair and fine, but just imagine drinking a spot of the liquor from a glass in the shape of a skull! Wouldn’t it make for the most bizarre and weird drinking experience? For anyone who is not only fond of a good spirit, but also of the accessories and barware that accompanies the activity of enjoying a drink, these unconventional drinking vessels just add to the whole charm of social drinking cultures.

And when you are hosting a themed party or an intimate dinner at home, these eclectic vessels carrying mocktails and cocktails indeed become a really delightful and memorable aspect of the evening. From lightbulb-shaped containers to hollowed fruits carrying your booze, there are so many unusual ways to serve drinks that would take your home hosting game up several notches.

Read on below to know more about some unconventional vessels in which you can pour your favoured concoctions the next time you host a party:

glassware made out of edibles

Edible Glassware

Bartenders and mixologists are experimenting with edible glassware to find out the effect they have on a drink. This means glassware is often crafted out of sugar or tempered chocolate and made in such a way that it can hold enough booze for you to savour. The flavour of the edible container blends into the spirit too, introducing a delightfully complex layer into any simple manhattan or old fashioned recipe.

frozen and ice glasses

Ice Glasses

These can be made by moulding ice around glasses or shot glasses and then taking the solidified block out so it can be used as a container to pour a drink. Ice glasses work really well for shots, because they also introduce an inviting chill into the drink. But the glasses are fine for a stiff drink too and can hold liquor for quite some time without melting too quickly. For a more fun spin on these glasses, you can always infuse them with lots of different colours so that when a plain vodka is poured into the shot glasses, they throw off some really quirky reflections. Making the glasses is a fun DIY activity too, so you can bring together a group of friends before a party and get artsy.

test tube cocktails

Test Tubes

If you are experimenting with cocktails, what better option than test tubes to taste them? Test tubes containing inventive cocktails are popular in many bars as an unconventional but fun choice especially when you order a charcoal or smoke infused drink that arrives at your table with vapours oozing out. Add a sciency touch to your party the next time you turn mixologist by pouring measured drinks in test tubes.

cocktails in light bulb glass

Light Bulb Shaped Containers

A quirky glass that has fast become popular as an alternative to your usual serving vessels is the light bulb shaped container which holds a sizable amount of any spirited concoction. It’s transparent exterior makes the drink startlingly visible making this glassware a preferred option for serving vibrant cocktails. A mai tai in a lightbulb container will carry a really different vibe because its yellow, orange and reddish hues will dazzle quite a bit in the hollow of the bulb.

tender coconut for storing cocktails

Hollowed Fruits

Hosting a tiki party or an island-themed party at home? You cannot go wrong with hollowed fruits and veggies, fast becoming a sustainable alternative to hold your booze. From coconuts to watermelons to pumpkins, squeeze out all the flesh from these fruits and turn them into jars that can carry your drinks. You can decorate them with little umbrellas or macerated cherries for a more colourful feel.

skull shaped beer bottles

Skull-shaped Containers

When hosting a Halloween party or a horror movie night at home, serve your drinks in these skull shaped glasses which are as weird as they are scary. Somehow there is a very macabre kind of fun underlying the thought of drinking from such a frightening mug! You can also mix in some glow in the dark glasses and dim the lights in your home especially at a themed affair to get the most out of these bar accessories.

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