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Six Vodka Cocktails And Russian Cuisine Inspired Food Pairings 

Six Vodka Cocktails And Russian Cuisine Inspired Food Pairings 

Vodka is a thoroughly interesting and versatile spirit used to concoct some delicious cocktails which have become classic drinks in mixology cultures. The translucent spirit carries light, bitter notes and packs quite a bit of a kick—whether it is consumed with a mixer or simply gulped down from a shot glass. The drink can be paired with lots of different cuisines too, as its subtle flavours compliment many spicy and tangy foods well and highlight their zingy notes without overpowering them.

With origins in Russia, vodka can be traced back to as early as the ninth century when distillers were experimenting with different filtration processes to improve the quality of the spirit. Just as vodka enjoys a very long history and legacy, so too Russian food has been celebrated for its luxe quality and precise use of ingredients which really sing through some signature dishes. From borscht or veggie soup to blini or pancakes, to stroganoff and pickled veggies, Russian cuisine goes really well with vodka cocktails that highlight their myriad flavours.

Read on below below to know more about vodka cocktails and Russian cuisine inspired food pairings which you can concoct at the next house party you decide to host:

Vodka Martini And Borscht 

Borscht or beet soup is a classic Russian recipe made out of seasonal vegetables, chicken or meat stock and snazzy seasonings. You can enjoy a warm bowlful of borscht with a vodka martini by your side. The flavours of the beetroot juice give the dish a slightly sour quality that goes well with the olive and dry vermouth that make up this cocktail. Use Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka to make the cocktail and enjoy it on a delightful winter evening with borscht or a similar spicy soup made out of stock, veggies like beetroot, potatoes and spinach. 

Six Vodka Cocktails And Russian Cuisine Inspired Food Pairings 

Pelmeni And Vodka Collins

Pelmeni are essentially dumplings so you can in fact put a sort of Asian spin on this dish to enjoy it with a vodka collins. While pelmeni can be made using fish or veggie stuffing, you can make a dumpling with a pork, meat or chicken stuffing too, and serve it with a spicy and tangy dip. The simple mix of vodka, lime juice and sugar will highlight the soft flavours of the pelmeni. Be sure to enjoy them warm as you sip on this cooling quencher.

Smoked Salmon And Cosmopolitan

Smoked salmon is as delicious as it is healthy. Served with a side of asparagus and some veggies, it is a tasty meal that can go well with the vibrant cosmopolitan. The lightly flavoured fish will pair well with the tangy notes of cranberries and lime that spring out from the vibrant cocktail. This light and fresh meal coupled with a cocktail that packs quite a kick is a perfect alternative for an intimate dinner.

Moscow Mule With Veggies And Grilled Fish

Russian cuisine is complete with a whole host of meats, veggies and seafood making it a very full mix of flavours and proteins. You can go for an inspired grilled fish recipe with lots of notes of lemons, herbs and basil that will nicely accompany the zesty gingery flavours of a classic moscow mule. Vodka and ginger is a very vibrant pairing and coupled with well-cooked fish and some veggies, the whole meal would become quite a sophisticated but flavourful affair.

Six Vodka Cocktails And Russian Cuisine Inspired Food Pairings 

Russian Olivier Salad And Bloody Mary

This is an elaborate and far more Russian take on the popular russian salad and involves adding tons of potatoes, veggies, eggs, meat and of course, mayonnaise to the dish. You can pair this classic with a vodka-infused bloody mary. The tang of tomato and the crisp of a celery garnish would augment the creamy textures of this cold salad.

Seafood Ceviche And Cucumber Cooler

Ceviche is essentially shellfish marinated in citruses and other vibrant seasonings, often served with a crisp toast, giving a bruschetta-like feel to an appetiser. The dish works well for cocktail parties so you can have hors d'oeuvres passed around along with a refreshing glass of a cucumber cooler. Make use of a Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka to shake this cocktail mix and serve it in a tall glass with a lime wedge garnish.

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