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Some Cocktail Samosa Recipes From Around The World You Must Definitely Try


Buckle up, because our beloved samosa is getting the makeover of a lifetime. We are taking the classic Indian snack and giving it a whirl around the globe. From Tokyo to Texas, we have scoured the culinary landscapes to bring you samosa recipes that pack a punch both in the deliciousness and diversity departments. Forget the usual spiced potato filling and say hello to unlikely ingredients that are ready to be served at your next do.

Tokyo's Tempura Tango

Our first stop is Japan. Picture this: a samosa wearing a tempura coat, strutting out crispy and light. Inside, it's a party of shrimp and wasabi, doing the tango with spring onions. Sip on a Smirnoff Lemon Pop to wash it down, and bam! You're in a flavour town.

Howdy, Tex-Mex Style

Yeehaw, we're in Texas now! Think of a traditional keema samosa, but this one has been licked by barbecue sauce with some beans and oodles of cheddar, keeping the filling company. Serve these with a side of guacamole and ranch. Wash this party snack down with a Captain Morgan Dark Rum and cola, and you're line dancing in your kitchen.

Parisian Chic in a Bite

chicken pate

Next, we jet off to Paris. Here, the humble samosa gets a haute cuisine makeover. Think rich, creamy chicken liver pâté, a hint of thyme, and a whisper of cognac—all encased in a delicate, buttery pastry. Serve these beauties with a classic Gordon's Tonic Water for a chic, understated pairing.

Mediterranean Bliss

Off to the Mediterranean for some sun-kissed magic. There's a lamb and pine nut fiesta in there, with a side of cool tzatziki. For vegetarians, swap out the meat for spinach and combine it with feta cheese and olive oil. For the ultimate Greek influence, use phyllo dough for the pastry. A Ketel One martini in hand, and you're sunbathing on a Grecian island.

Mumbai's Classic Twist

mumbai samosa

Of course, no global samosa tour is complete without a nod to where it all began—India. This version is a tribute to the classic—a spicy potato and pea filling with a hint of mango powder for that extra zing. Pair it with a Johnnie Walker Blonde highball, and you've got a match made in Mumbai.

New York, New York

Last stop, the Big Apple. This samosa has a filling of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and dill—a tribute to NYC's bagel fame. A Don Julio Blanco margarita to go with it, and you're brunching on a Manhattan rooftop. We’re talking samosas fresh off the fashion runway.
And there you have it—a samosa saga that takes you from Tokyo to Texas, with flavours as diverse as the destinations. Whether you're a culinary daredevil or a samosa traditionalist, these twists are sure to jazz up your snack game. Remember, the best samosa is the one you have fun making (and eating!), preferably with a cool drink in hand.

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