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Spice Up Your Sips With These Six Clove-Infused Cocktails and Mocktails

Spice Up Your Sips With These Six Clove-Infused Cocktails and Mocktails

Imagine yourself navigating a bustling spice market, each turn offering a new scent. Among these aromatics, cloves stand out, and not just for their rich history, but for the unexpected twist they can bring to your cocktail game. Far from being confined to the kitchen, cloves are making a bold leap into cocktail culture, offering a strong, slightly sweet, and scented profile that can elevate any drink.

Clove-spiked Old Fashioned

Take the dignified Old Fashioned and give it a clove-infused makeover. Steep cloves in Godawan overnight, allowing the spice to impart its warm essence. For the cocktail, muddle a sugar cube with a few dashes of bitters, add 50 ml of your clove-infused whisky, and stir. Serve over a large ice cube in a lowball glass, garnished with an orange peel, slightly charred to release its oils. It’s your classic Old Fashioned,, but with a subtle,  and spicy twist that lingers on the palate. 

Spiced Ketel Citrus Fizz

Ketel One’s smooth, crisp profile makes it a perfect candidate for a clove-spiked refresher. Create a clove-infused simple syrup and mix it with 50 ml of Ketel One Vodka, a splash of fresh orange juice, and a bit of lime juice. Top it off with soda water for a refreshing fizz. This drink is a delightful concoction that balances the vodka’s clean taste with the zing of citrus and the subtle kick of cloves.

Clove and Citrus Fizz

For something lighter and effervescent, create a Clove and Citrus Fizz. Infuse simple syrup with cloves, then mix it with the juice of a fresh lime and some fresh orange juice. Top it off with soda water and a final splash of grapefruit juice for a zesty finish. This drink is a delightful balance of sweet, spicy, and sour—perfect for sipping on a lazy afternoon.

Spiced Clove Johnnie Walker

Steep cloves in Johnnie Walker Black Label, letting the whisky’s complex, and smoky flavours meld with the spice. Combine 50 ml of this clove-infused whisky with a small spoonful of caramel syrup. Heat gently—don't boil—and serve in a mug, garnished with a cinnamon stick. It’s a warm, soothing drink with an aromatic edge that speaks of faraway places.

Tropical Clove Daiquiri

Transport your daiquiri to exotic destinations with a hint of cloves. Infuse Captain Morgan’s dark rum with cloves for a few hours, then blend 50 ml of this rum with lime juice, a splash of coconut cream, and a dash of simple syrup. Shake well, and serve in a chilled coupe glass. The result is a daiquiri that balances tropical freshness with the intriguing warmth of cloves. 

Cloved Cranberry Sparkler

Who says mocktails can't be exciting? Brew a strong clove tea and let it cool. Mix this with cranberry juice, a squeeze of lime, and a touch of honey. Top with Black and White ginger ale,  and garnish with a few fresh cranberries. It’s a drink that pops with flavour—tart, sweet and spiced—making it the perfect non-alcoholic toast for any occasion.


Cloves might be small, but in the world of cocktails and mocktails, they're a giant in terms of flavour. So next time you're mixing up drinks, reach for the cloves; they might just be the secret ingredient that takes your cocktail from good to unforgettable.

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