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Spirits In Spotlight 2024: 'Gin And Rum' — Abhishek Shevade, Director Of Beverages - W, Goa

By: Pratham Arora

gin and rum spirits

The world of spirits is expansive and ever-evolving. With possibilities galore, it is interesting to observe how the industry experts look at various spirits, cocktails and beverages available currently and what could come out of them in the coming days.

We spoke with mixologist Abhishek Shevade, who is the Director of Beverages at W, Goa. 

What spirit do you think is likely to be in the spotlight in 2024?

“The spirit that is likely to take the spotlight in 2024 is expected to be gin and rum. My observations indicate a growing trend among consumers who are well-travelled, educated and increasingly conscious of finding the right drink for their palate. This awareness and desire to evolve with the trends have led to a surge in interest towards gin and rum.”

Why do you believe the New Year will herald these spirits' moment in the spotlight?

“The anticipation for these spirits to shine in the New Year is rooted in the expanding cocktail culture in our country. Consumers are becoming more adventurous, seeking to experiment with different spirits and explore diverse flavour profiles.”

Do you like working with these spirits?

“In our establishment, specifically at our bar Sylvia, we have a dedicated focus on gin and tequila cocktails. The concept centres around "garden to glass," emphasizing the use of fresh ingredients cultivated in our garden. This approach aligns with the growing preference for locally sourced and fresh components in the cocktail scene.”

What do you like about using them in drinks?

“Working with gin and rum is particularly enjoyable for us. We appreciate the versatility of these spirits and the opportunity to incorporate fresh, local ingredients into our drinks.”

What's your favourite cocktail or drink recipe that incorporates one of these spirits?

“One of my favourite cocktails is the Negroni with a twist of sage. This classic cocktail with a unique herbal addition showcases our commitment to offering distinctive and flavorful beverages.”

Do you have any special serving suggestions for this drink or other cocktails made with this spirit?

“For serving suggestions, we recommend embracing new twists on classics. This approach adds an element of surprise and innovation to the drinking experience, resonating well with our guests who appreciate a fresh take on familiar favourites.”



Gin makes the base for some of the best classic cocktails. It is perhaps this adaptability that allows us to experiment with gin and other ingredients. In fact, that is how some of the best cocktails are invented. Rum, again an extremely versatile spirit, is sweeter than gin because of the presence of sugarcane byproducts in it. Both rum and gin are extensively used in making some of the most popular cocktails.

Negroni, a classic Italian cocktail, is made using gin, vermouth and campari. Vermouth is a flavoured, aromatised wine, while campari is a bitter Italian liqueur. To make a sage negroni, you can first infuse sage into your gin by putting a few sage leaves and gin in an airtight glass container for 24 hours. Mix 20 ml each of sage gin, campari, and vermouth, and your sage negroni is ready.

For best results, use high-quality gin. We recommend Tanqueray to truly take your gin cocktails to the next level.

Also, remember to drink responsibly. You can always choose to substitute your gin with Tanqueray 0.0, an alcohol-free gin alternative which has the same great taste as the classic Tanqueray. 


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