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Stock Up On These Glassware Best Suited to Antiquity Blue For Your Next Do

By: Neelanjana Mondal

antiquity blue

Antiquity Blue is a blended scotch whisky with a smooth quality and smoky notes in it, for such a whisky, you need proper glassware. Depending on the glass,

Classic tumbler

whisky classic tumbler

This is as cheap and basic as you can go with your glass to drink whisky out of, but quality ones will cost you a bit and they can be a sight to behold. The tumbler is also dubbed as the lowball or the old-fashioned glass and is the quintessential “one whisky on the rocks” glass. Pour the Antiquity Blue on the rocks or mix a heady cocktail in these glasses. Some tumblers come with fancy designs, ditch the mundane tumblers and go for them.

Tulip-shaped glass 

tulip glass

This tulip-shaped glass is styled after the Spanish Copita glass, from the 1880s, used to drink sherry. Over the years it has become a go-to favourite for bartenders and whisky connoisseurs, especially single malt and whisky aficionados. Before being called the tulip glass, it went by the name “dock” glass for the simple reason that sailors or tradesmen used this glass to taste wines and other liquors at the ship's dockside. It's a smelly affair being at sea, and the long stem of this glass kept any stinky hands away from the nose. Its beautiful tulip shape also helps in concentrating the aromas of the whisky, and cradling the glass in the palm of your hand, makes it perfect to savour the flavour profile of Antiquity Blue.

Highball Glass

highball glass

This glass is made for whisky and reserved for one of the rare whisky cocktails – the revered scotch and soda. It is perfect for Antiquity Blue too, especially if you are mulling over making cocktails using it. The cylindrical structure of this glass allows enough space for the ice, any kind of fizzes – soda, ginger ale, kombucha and of course, the liquor. It is said to be very popular in Japan and it is blasphemy to serve whisky, especially cocktails in anything other than a highball glass.

Glencairn Glass

Resembling the tulip glass, the Glencairn lacks the stem and it’s perfect for those who look down on the stem. This glass has a solid bottom making it a stable choice that is also perfect for savouring the whisky. If you are new to the whisky world, there’s something whisky lovers do that wine lovers do as well – swirl the liquid. This glass enables you to do that and release the aroma of the whisky through swirling, all the while enabling you to cradle the glass in your palm, minus the annoyance of the stem between your fingers.

Snifter Glass

snifter glass

This is more suited for liquors like cognac and brandy, aged spirits with full-bodied flavour, but you can also invest in these for Antiquity Blue. It is called the balloon glass for a reason, because it looks like one and its broader bottom means the liquor evaporates courtesy of the heat of the palm and the narrow opening on top helps you inhale the aroma. The design is nifty that even if you were to place it sideways, it won’t spill i.e., if you pour a tasting amount not filling it to the brim.

Norlan Glass

norlan glass

An upgrade on the Glencairn glass, the Norlan glass is double-walled and specifically designed to be gentle on your spine. You won't need to tilt your head back too much to drink your whisky with this one. You will enjoy the same sniffing privileges as the Glencairn, getting to appreciate the rich aroma and flavours of Antiquity Blue, in its neat form, no ice.  

Neat Glass

neat whisky glass

One of the newer additions to the whisky glasses is this miniature pot-shaped glass also designed to enjoy the aroma of the whisky. The NEAT (Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology) quite evidently evolved from the tulip glass. The Neat glass has a broad bottom with a tapering neck and a broader top meant to easily sip on. Due to its unique shape, this glass does not burn your nose or numb it so you can enjoy the subtle aromas you might miss out on with other glassware. Cradle or swirl it in your hand for the aromas to release and sip away. 

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