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Take This Quiz And We’ll Tell You Which Brooklyn 99 Character You Are Most Like And Which Cocktail Suits You

b99 cocktail quiz

It is difficult for modern-day sitcoms to gain true legendary status when the comparison is with all-time shows such as Seinfeld, FRIENDS, and How I Met Your Mother. Yet, when Brooklyn 99 arrived, it took the scene by storm. The funniest show on television in recent years, the show did not even need a laugh track because our laughs were more than enough. Having given us some of the best moments in 2010s TV, it is the perfect show to rewatch while you sip on a cocktail with friends and have laughs galore. If you can’t decide which cocktail to make, this quiz is for you, as it will not only answer this question but also tell which B99 character is most like you!

How To Do This Quiz?

Firstly, answer each question. Then, take the option number of each of the answers you picked, and total it. Your character and cocktail will correspond to the total. Don’t worry, we will give you an example at the end.

Q1. What is your biggest strength?

1. Intuition

2. Logical Thinking

3. Intimidation

4. Strength, literally

Q2. What quirk do you have?

1. You love catchphrases, NOICE!

2. You put everything in a binder

3. You are very secretive

4. You talk about yourself in the third person

Q3. What is your hobby?

1. Watching action movies

2. Solving puzzles

3. Riding a motorcycle

4. Working out

Q4. What is your biggest problem?

1. Abandonment issues

2. Control freak

3. Loneliness

4. People pleaser

Q5. What cocktail flavour do you like?

1. Neutral

2. Fruity

3. Strong

4. Sweet


For each of the options, take the corresponding number and total it. For instance, if you chose options 1, 2, 3, 4, and 1, your total will be 1+2+3+4+1= 11.

If your score is 5 to 8, you are Jake Peralta. You are a fantastic detective, and an even better Die Hard quoter. You love your catchphrases and Amy Santiago. Unfortunately, your daddy issues cause trouble sometimes, but things are improving. You should drink a Gin and Tonic as you binge the show, and while you are at it, also watch Die Hard.

If your score is 9 to 12, you are Amy Santiago. You are the smartest person in any room you go to and you love solving puzzles. You are very organised and that sometimes makes you a control freak but it usually comes in handy. You will love a Pina Colada during the rewatch.

If your score is 13 to 16, you are Rosa Diaz. You are scary and intimidating, but really soft inside. A brilliant detective who is not to be messed with, you sometimes build a wall around yourself. A Whiskey and Coke is the perfect drink to complement your binge.

If your score is 17 to 20, you are Terry Crews. Big and strong, your looks are deceiving because you are the nicest, most emotionally intelligent person there is. You are also a lovely boss to work under. You don’t drink because of the calories and you are comfortable with that choice. Your favourite drink is a Banana-Chocolate Protein smoothie.

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