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Tanqueray Cocktails: Mixing with Seasonal Citrus

 Tanqueray Cocktails

Matchmaking should be left up to experts. But when it comes to drinks, anyone can spot a good pair. Let's give it a go with Tanqueray and some zesty characters from the citrus family. And we're not just sticking to the usual lineup. We are causing a little stir with some out-of-the-ordinary pairings.
Tanqueray Meets Blood Orange and Basil
A blood orange—bold and beautiful—is not your average citrus. Juice it and mix in 50 ml Tanqueray. Throw in a few basil leaves and some orange peels for more dimension. This drink can be a conversation starter at your next brunch. The basil brings a peppery twist, creating a playful setting with the gin's juniper notes.
Tanqueray, Yuzu, and a Dash of Pink Peppercorn
Let’s get adventurous. Yuzu is not your everyday fruit. It’s got the zing of a lemon with the sweet notes of a mandarin. Pair this with 50 ml Tanqueray, sprinkle in some pink peppercorns and top with Gordon’s Tonic Water. The peppercorns add just enough heat to make things interesting, enhancing the yuzu’s exotic charm. It's a globe-trotting mix in a glass.

 Tanqueray Yuzu Cocktail
Meyer Lemon and Thyme: Tanqueray’s Soft Side
Meyer lemon is the milder cousin in the lemon family, and it’s ready to soften Tanqueray’s bold spirit. Add an egg foam to the mix to get a firm froth and garnish with a sprig of thyme. You’ve got a warm, welcoming and slightly unexpected concoction. The thyme’s earthy notes play well with the gin, while the Meyer lemon adds a subtle, sweet profile.
Pomelo and Rosemary: Tanqueray’s Refreshing Twist
Let’s take it one step further with pomelo, the gentle giant of the citrus world. It’s sweeter and milder than grapefruit, perfect for a light-hearted blend with Tanqueray. Throw in a sprig of rosemary and you’ve got yourself a drink that’s reminiscent of pine forests and sunny groves. It’s a refresher that’s both comforting and invigorating.

 Tanqueray Rosemary Cocktail
Autumn’s Gin Embrace
As leaves turn and evenings cool, our cocktails take on a warmer, more comforting tone. The Tanqueray Orange and Cinnamon Swirl is your companion on colder days. Mix Tanqueray with a dash of orange liqueur, fresh orange juice, and a cinnamon stick. The orange’s vibrant zestiness complements the warmth of cinnamon, while the gin adds depth and complexity.

Getting Festive in Winter
Winter’s citrus offerings are rich and deep, much like the season’s festive spirit. The Tanqueray Clementine and Clove Sparkler is a celebration in a glass. Muddle fresh clementine segments with a pinch of clove, add 30 ml Tanqueray, and add a splash of sparkling wine. This cocktail, with its blend of sweet clementine and spicy clove, warmed up by the gin, is like a toast to winter’s cosy gatherings.
All-Year Round
And then there’s the timeless classic, suitable for any season—the Tanqueray and Lime. Simple yet elegant, mix Tanqueray with fresh lime juice and a bit of simple syrup, served over ice. Garnish with a lime wheel. It’s a cocktail that doesn’t need a calendar—it's perfect for any day, any mood, any moment.

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