These 5 Punches Are The Best For Brunches

Taste The Tropics: These Punches Are Perfect For Your Next Brunch Party!

There's something magically refreshing about making punches that evoke the essence of a tropical paradise. Let’s dive into a collection of tropical punches, each inspired by the riotous flavours of the tropics. With some fine spirits by our side, we are ready to infuse our concoctions with a dose of beachy bliss.

The Coconut Grove Mixer

First on our itinerary is the Coconut Grove Mixer. We start with 45 ml Ciroc Coconut, its smoothness calming like a gentle sea. To this, add fresh pineapple juice, a splash of coconut water for hydration, and a hint of lime to bring in that zesty sunrise vibe. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a cherry, and serve in a coconut shell if you’re feeling particularly island-inspired. This punch is your first-class ticket to relaxation, with each sip a gentle sway in a hammock strung between palm trees.

Taste The Tropics: These Punches Are Perfect For Your Next Brunch Party!

The Tiki Tanqueray Twist

No tropical escape is complete without a visit to the Tiki bar, and our Tiki Tanqueray Twist is the headlining act. Take 50 ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin for its crisp, botanical foundation, and marry it with mango nectar to capture the essence of the tropics. A splash of passion fruit syrup adds depth, while a squeeze of lime keeps it all in bright, cheerful balance. Top it off with a dash of ginger beer for that effervescent kick, and garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of mango.

The Citrus Sinphony

At the heart of our tropical escapade is the Citrus Sinphony, an ode to the zest of life. Here, we blend 45 ml Smirnoff Vodka with the fresh juices of orange and lime, capturing the sun-drenched days of the tropics. A hint of mint syrup adds an unexpected twist. Top it with soda water and garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint for a drink that’s delicious and visually appealing.

Taste The Tropics: These Punches Are Perfect For Your Next Brunch Party!

The Mango Masala Mix

No tropical narrative is complete without the mango. The Mango Masala Mix takes centre stage with 50 ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, adding a depth and warmth that’s as inviting as a beach bonfire. The lush sweetness of mango puree pairs with a homemade masala syrup—think cardamom, cloves, and a dash of cinnamon—to create a punch that’s both sweet and spicy. A squeeze of lemon balances the flavours, and a splash of sparkling water adds a bubbly personality to the mix.

The Pineapple Potion

Channelling the exotic allure of distant lands, the Pineapple Potion is a tribute to the rich, bold flavours that define a tropical paradise. Combine 40 ml of Tanqueray Gin, known for its botanical fragrance, with the caramelised sweetness of grilled pineapple juice—a nod to the smoky undertones of summer barbecues. A touch of coconut cream softens the edges, creating a creamy consistency that’s utterly indulgent. Serve this concoction over ice and garnish with a charred pineapple wedge.


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