Tequila Cocktail Variations for Formal Party

A Journey Through Tequila From Blanco To Añejo

When it comes to tequila cocktails, you will have multiple options at hand. Its popularity is so intense that you would find at least one tequila bottle in the cabinet. This iconic Mexican drink has elevated the enjoyment of cocktail enthusiasts. If you are one of them and want to know more about different types of tequila, keep reading this blog till the end.

The blue agave plant is why the tequila exists. The variety of tequila with flavours and style is why it becomes part of your party menu.

Different Tequila Cocktail Types that You Can Explore

If you are to make the best tequila cocktail recipes, you must know the tequila types. Let us explore the top tequilas: 

1. Blanco Tequila

Blanco Tequila
A Blanco, also known as Plata or silver tequila, is among the top tequilas most people enjoy. After harvesting, the Blue agave plants are cooked, crushed, and fermented to transform the starches into sugars. This tequila is aged in a barrel for up to 60 days. This silver tequila can turn your house party with top-class margaritas and Palomas.

2. Reposado Tequila

Reposado Tequila
Reposado, which means ‘rests’, tequila is barreled for at least 2 to 11 months. This tequila contains flavours of vanilla, toasted nuts, and honey and can be smoother than the blancos. If you are new to enjoying tequila, you should start with reposado tequila. It can work astonishingly well with any top cocktail recipe. The Reposado tequila offers a caramel-like flavour and an excellent golden hue.

3. Anejo

Añejo Tequila
In the world of tequila, the title of Anejo is an accolade earned through patience and precision. Each drop of Anejo tequila transforms and matures gracefully for a minimum of one year within the embrace of an oak barrel. Unlike other tequila ageing processes, Anejo tequila requires a barrel that can’t exceed 600 litres in size. This helps the spirit mix up with the wood and form a smoother flavour. You may experience deep flavours such as caramel, chocolate, toasted oak, rich agave sweetness, and dried fruits in this tequila. You can’t ignore it to make the best tequila cocktail out of this.

4. Extra Anejo tequila

Aged not just for one but three exquisite revolutions around the sun. This tequila option crafts an experience that whispers secrets of the ages with each sip.  Due to the maximum ageing, this Anejo tequila becomes more refined. It contains complex layers of caramel, dark chocolate, leather, roasted nuts, and exquisite smoothness. The strongest aromas and richest amber colour of the tequila ensure a top experience when you consider it in a cocktail on the party menu.

5. Cristalino Tequila

This tequila is exquisite in its feel and taste. It is aged and filtered through charcoal to remove tannins. You may find the top bartenders using this tequila to make excellent cocktails. You may even introduce this tequila in your house party to treat your guests with surprise.

Summing Up
These are the several tequila options that you may include in your cocktail recipe. If you want to unwind yourself, tequila is the best option. The rich flavour ensures you get the best experience and feel while enjoying the cocktail at home or a bar.

Let the tequila become a part of your party menu and explore all these rich tequila flavours in the cocktails, such as Margarita cocktail, Tequila Highball, Paloma, Horchata Semifreddo, Siesta, etc.

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