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The Bar’s House Party Edition - Top 5 Serves To Try Now

Top 5 Serves Cover

Planning a house party? Then these top 5 serves from The Bar’s house party edition will surely get your groove rolling! These simple cocktails will take your moments to whole new heights and your guests will truly be delighted! If you want to make your house party an exciting hit, these cocktails are the way to go.

Discover the Best Serves for Your Party - The Bar's House Party Edition

1. Singleton Plus Two Tropical

The Singleton Plus Two Tropical is an elegantly balanced whisky cocktail. The joyous voyage can be sensed in the tartness of grapefruit, and the sweetness of guava, and your audience will enjoy the rich notes of The Singleton.

2. Tanqueray Sunrise

Here are fantastic Tanqueray gin cocktail recipes that will leave your guests spellbound! Tanqueray Sunrise is a fusion of different flavours such as Tanqueray No.10 Gin, passion fruit, and berries, all brought together in an unforgettable mix. This concoction is bound to charm your taste buds. Try this gin cocktail to impress your guests at your upcoming home party!

3. Johnnie & Peach Highball

Johnnie & Peach is a cocktail where the enticing iced tea meets the fiery flavours of whisky. Johnnie Walker Highballs are fabulous house party drinks as they are delicious to consume and simple to make. Try Johnnie & peach highball for your upcoming cocktail party, and leave your guests satisfied.

4. The Secret Garden

A true treat to the taste buds, this autumn-inspired fruity delight has a spicy twist that will leave your senses thrilled! Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka, blackberry cordial and ginger ale comes together in a wonderful opulent serving.  For your upcoming gathering, try serving The Secret Garden which is sure to please even the most discerning taste buds!

5. Baileys Espressotini

A perfect blend of Espresso, chocolate syrup Smirnoff vodka and Baileys creates an indulgent cocktail that will definitely delight any chocolate lovers. Take your next house party to a whole new level with the decadent Baileys Espressotini. A true crowd-pleaser!

Did these cocktails inspire you? If yes, then try these for your next cocktail parties and wow your guests like never before.

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