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The Best Shots And Shooters For Your Next House Party

shots and shooters at house party

From the vibe of your space, down to the clink of glasses, every detail of a house party counts. And when it comes to the drinks, especially the shots and shooters, that’s where you can really let the entertainer in you shine. With this handy guide to secret recipes and tips, you are sure to make your next gathering a smashing success.

First off, setting the stage is crucial. Mood lighting, a playlist that ebbs and flows with the night, and some comfy yet Instagrammable spots for lounging set the tone. And hey, don’t forget the snacks—think finger foods that are easy to munch on.

Now, let’s dive into the drinks.

Golden Apple Shot

The practice of taking a shot is apparently over a century old. What better way to celebrate this longevity than a flavoured Johnnie Walker shot? Mix 30 ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and 15 ml of apple schnapps. This combo gives you a smooth yet tangy kick, perfect for starting the evening on a high note.

Coffee Cream Dream

For a more mellow moment, here's a coffee-infused delight. Mix 30 ml of Baileys Irish Cream with 15 ml of cold brew and a hint of vanilla extract. The best part of this shot is that it wakes you up, but for partying down. For a non-alcoholic version, to make sure everyone is in on the fun, use Baileys Coffee Creamer instead of Irish Cream; it works just as well!

Cinnamon Fireball

There comes a point at every house party when the guests need a slight nudge to get their energy levels up again. Aptly named, this fireball shooter will do the trick. Blend 30 ml Smirnoff Vodka with a dash of cinnamon syrup and 15 ml of apple juice. Add a small pinch of cayenne pepper for that extra zing. A fiery dance of flavours in a tiny glass, this drink will leave your dance floor crowded.

Boozy Carrot Cake

Next up is a little glass that packs all the flavours of a slice of carrot cake without even using a single carrot. Combine 30 ml of Baileys Irish Cream. Add 15 ml of butterscotch schnapps and 15 ml of cinnamon schnapps. Take your shot glasses and rim them with cream cheese frosting, just a thin layer will do. Then, dip the rims into crushed Graham crackers. This step is what brings that authentic carrot cake feel to each sip.

Tequila Sunrise, But Different

This colourful shooter is a visual treat, with the colours red and blue playing with each other to create a distinct hue. Start with 10 ml grenadine, add another 10 ml of blue curaçao liqueur and finish off with 10 ml Don Julio Blanco. Fruity and colourful, this shooter is a party in a glass.

Minty Melon Blast

Freshen things up with this one. Muddle fresh mint leaves, then shake up with 30 ml Gordon's London Dry Gin and 15 ml of watermelon juice. It’s a refreshing splash of fun. For those who prefer to keep it alcohol-free, swap out the gin with sparkling water. Garnish with frozen watermelon cubes, and you’re good to go!

Now, keep in mind that a great party is like a great playlist: it stands out if it’s diverse. Make sure there's plenty of water and non-boozy options for all to enjoy.

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