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The Merriest Garnishes Ever! Christmas-Themed Ideas For Dressing Up Your Cocktails and Mocktails

christmas drink garnishes

As the Christmas season approaches, it is time to add some glitz and originality to your get-togethers. Begin with your drinks menu. In the art of mixology, the presentation of your cocktail is just as important as the drink itself. In this article, we will help you discover garnishes that will add a festive touch to your cocktails and mocktails. 

Garnish 1: Festive Citrus Swirl 

Suggested Drink: Johnnie Walker Citrus Cooler

Add a festive citrus swirl to a Johnnie Walker Citrus Cooler to enhance its zestiness. Garnish the rim of your glass with a mixture of grapefruit and orange peel for a bright explosion of taste with each sip. This fun garnish will not only elevate the visual appeal of your cocktail but will also tantalise your taste buds.

Garnish 2: Winter Wonderland Rosemary Sprig 

Suggested Drink: Seedlip Winter Spice Elixir

For the Seedlip Winter Spice Elixir, a thoughtfully positioned rosemary sprig alludes to the beauty of winter. The fragrant herb will give your mocktail a hint of woodsy magic while balancing the deep spices of Seedlip. 

christmas drink decorations

Garnish 3: Merry Berry Skewer 

Suggested Drink: Tanqueray Berry Breeze

A festive berry skewer elevates the Tanqueray Berry Breeze. This masterpiece can be created by threading fresh raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries onto a cocktail pick. The pop of blue and red colours is a celebration of seasonal berries and provides a burst of fruity flavour. 

Garnish 4: Christmas Tree Garnish 

Suggested Drink: Gordon's Gin Evergreen Elixir

Turn your Gordon's Gin Evergreen Elixir into a Christmas tree in a glass. Create the tree with a fresh rosemary or pine twig, then use tiny pomegranate or cranberry clusters for colourful accents. This eye-catching garnish will give your drink a festive look.

Garnish 5: Starlit Cinnamon Stick 

Suggested Drink: Black & White Ginger Sparkle

A simple cinnamon stick can make your Black & White Ginger Sparkle gleam. Allow the cinnamon stick to tower tall in the glass, akin to a glittering star against the bubbly background. This understated yet sophisticated garnish imbibes cosiness and invites all to savour the warmth of holiday flavours.

christmas drink garnishes

Garnish 6: Captain's Nautical Twist 

Suggested Drink: Captain's Delight Punch

Use an orange peel boat to evoke a nautical motif for the Captain's Delight Punch. Cut out a little boat shape from the orange peel and gently set it on top of the punch. The garnish is a nod to Captain Morgan and gives the holiday drink a hint of seafaring charm.

Garnish 7: Berry-filled Ice Ring 

Suggested Drink: Ciroc Berry Bliss

Make a berry-filled ice rink to create a spectacle worthy of Ciroc Berry Bliss. To make a festive ice ring, freeze a mixture of blackberries, raspberries, and cranberries in a ring mould. As it softly melts into your cocktail, the iced berries add a burst of sweetness to the cocktail.

Garnish 8: Dazzling Citrus Wheel 

Suggested Drink: Don Julio Citrus Splash

Choose a vibrant citrus wheel for the Don Julio Citrus Splash. Cut colourful oranges, lemons, and limes into thin wheels and present them in a visually appealing way in the glass. This colourful garnish not only brings out the citrus flavours in your drink but also makes for an eye-catching cocktail.

Garnishing Joy: Crafting Festive Quenchers

It takes skill to create mocktails and cocktails, and the garnish is the last detail that turns a drink into an experience. As you partake in these celebratory drinks, don't forget to responsibly embrace the festive spirit. We hope this Christmas is filled with happiness, humour, and the most festive garnishes ever!

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