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The Rise Of Coconut-Flavoured Spirits, From Rum To Vodka

coconut vodka

Oh, the coconut—that versatile fruit (or is it a nut? A seed?) that's taken the spirits world by storm. We're not just talking about tossing a cocktail umbrella into your drink and calling it tropical anymore; the coconut craze has evolved. Let's dive into how this trend has swayed from rum to vodka, shaking up the cocktail scene with a taste of the tropics.

Captain Morgan Coconut

Captain Morgan Coconut is an exciting rum in the coconut-flavoured market. It's not just a nod to the trend; it’s a full-on embrace with its creaminess and notes of citrus. Mixing it up isn’t just about creating a drink. Mix 45 ml of it with some pineapple juice and coconut cream for the perfect pina colada. Or pack on ice and try a pina-colada slushie for your next summer soiree. Do not forget to sprinkle coconut flakes on top for that final touch.


Ciroc Coconut

Then there's Ciroc Coconut. This one's got luxury written all over it with the combination of French vodka and tender coconut. It's smooth and chic, perfect for summer and spring events. Here is a drink idea: when you stir 45 ml of it with a splash of cranberry juice and top with premium soda, you've got yourself a cocktail that's sure to impress. For a more coconut-forward cocktail, combine 30 ml of vodka with 35 ml of fresh coconut water and a splash of pineapple juice. Finish off with a squeeze of lime, and you have an effortlessly elegant drink.

Smirnoff Coconut Vodka

For more casual nights in or chill day-time parties, or just times when you’re yearning for something familiar, Smirnoff Coconut Vodka is the utility player of the coconut spirits team. Whether it is a Coconut Moscow Mule with 45 ml of Smirnoff or turning your go-to vodka soda into a tropical affair, this spirit knows how to adapt. With its delicate sweetness and warm finish, the Smirnoff Coconut Vodka leads the coconut brigade into peak cocktail culture.

Coconut-flavoured spirits are rapidly gaining ground, with cocktail enthusiasts demanding more natural and fresh flavours in their spirits. Offering a sip of the exotic, these spirits are about creating an experience, a holiday state of mind without the hassle.

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