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The world's most expensive cocktails for a house party

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Cocktails at home are the life of a house party. Most of you decide on the best cocktails first while menu planning. Isn't it? Cocktails help to define your taste and persona. We are sure you will realize this better while sipping the world's most expensive cocktails. Many people also see cocktails as a great way of interacting and breaking the ice. If you are new to cocktails and planning to host a house party, you need to check out these amazing recipes.

Exploring the best cocktails

Let us look and explore the extravagant taste of the cocktails that, quite literally, rule the world!

1. Diamond martini

Diamond martini
The name of this cocktail said it all. Loved by all, the diamond Martini is known for its extra shine. This is a common crowd attraction. It is a well-known cocktail recipe for a house party, which can only be made by renowned mixologists. This is why it stands apart and exclusive compared to the other cocktails. The base of this recipe is fine and premium vodka.

2. Golden margarita

Gold margarita
The ones who have this fine cocktail also call it the golden liquid. Whether it represents the fine taste or the colour of the cocktail, you shall have to decide on your own. This popular cocktail hails down from Mexico and is a luxurious add-on there while menu planning.

The golden margarita is well known to captivate the attention of those who love cocktails. This lovely cocktail combines premium tequila and a rare orange mixture. It stands out due to the extra touch of its sweetness.

3. Royal champagne cocktail

Royal champagne
There is no doubt that the main base of the royal Champagne cocktail is the finest champagne from all around.

What makes it different is that it is infused with a combination of rare and premium alcohol. In simpler terms, this cocktail is luxury in a tall glass. This shimmery cocktail will undoubtedly steal your night away with its taste and refined class. 

4. Platinum mojito

This classic Cuban cocktail is a mix of lime, mint and rum. Don't let the simple ingredients confuse you. With this drink, you never know what might surprise you. The platinum mojito is the ultimate dream for those who love fruity or citrus-based drinks.

You can never go wrong with this classic platinum mojito, as it is a people's favourite. The key to acing this recipe is to keep it simple and authentic.

5. Silk sling

The silk sling is the famous drink that brings the East and the West close to one another. Silk sling is a famous cocktail with premium quality gin and classic lychee syrup. This drink is the perfect cocktail at home that you can ever get.

The Silk sling is an excellent cocktail for those who love a fruit-based drink. The perfect balance of the sweet taste works wonders for the taste buds.

Cocktails are a sip of pure bliss and divine. For those who fall in love with premium cocktails, there is no going back to the basic plain alcohol drinks. But can this be counted as a downside? If you love making, drinking or talking about the different drinks and cocktails worldwide, you must check out The Bar. 

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