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Themed Bar Crawls: A Night of Adventure Awaits You!

Themed Bar Crawls: A Night of Adventure On The Streets Awaits You!

Are you in search of the perfect night out? Themed bar crawls are the epitome of adventure within the urban jungle, offering not just a taste of the best drinks but an immersive experience that ties together camaraderie, exploration, and the joy of discovering new haunts. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, waving goodbye to singledom, or simply gathering your crew for a night out, here’s how to curate a themed bar crawl that promises tales worthy of recounting for years to come.

The Birthday Bash

Celebrate another trip around the sun by aligning the stars with your bar crawl. Plan your itinerary based on the birthday person’s zodiac sign, choosing bars that reflect the traits and preferences of their star sign. Aries? Fiery and passionate spots with bold cocktails. Pisces? Dreamy, cosy bars with creative drinks. For a Taurus, a luxurious place with earthy, robust flavours is a must-try.

At each stop, challenge the birthday star to a cocktail that embodies their sign. For instance, a bold and adventurous Aries might be presented with a Spicy Fireball—45 ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label mixed with a dash of chilli syrup, topped with ginger beer for that fiery kick.

Themed Bar Crawls: A Night of Adventure On The Streets Awaits You!

The Bachelorette Odyssey

Turn the bachelorette party into a global jaunt, visiting bars that offer a slice of different cultures. Start the evening in a Parisian-inspired wine bar, move on to a Cuban cocktail joint, then a Japanese sake bar, an American speakeasy, and finally, an Indian-themed lounge.

In each location, select a drink that pays homage to the region. For the Indian lounge, a Mumbai Mule—50 ml of Smirnoff Vodka mixed with lime juice, a splash of ginger beer, and a teaspoon of Jal Jeera powder for an Indian twist—is both refreshing and invigorating.

The Just-Because Get-Together

Sometimes, the best nights out are those without a specific reason—just a craving for good company and new experiences. Turn a same old evening into a gamey crawl by selecting bars hosting game nights or pub quizzes. From bingo to hilarious pub challenges to trivia night, say goodbye to uneventful pub nights where the conversation begins to get stale after a point. If you’ve got new friends joining in, avoid awkward silences by getting everyone’s head in the game.

Create a signature drink for the group, like the Silver Screen Spritz: 30 ml of Tanqueray London Dry Gin, 20 ml of Aperol, topped with tonic water, and a splash of lime, embodying the glamour and brightness of Hollywood.

Logistics are as important as that pint of beer for a memorable pub crawl. 

Themed Bar Crawls: A Night of Adventure On The Streets Awaits You!

Here’s how to ensure your night is nothing short of epic

Choose bars within walking distance of each other so you can keep the momentum going. This will ensure that friends who join in late are able to find the group easily.

Do not forget to hydrate if you want to keep the energy going.

Inform bars of your crawl, especially if you’re a large group, to ensure they’re ready for your arrival. You might just get offered a new cocktail tailored to your quirks.

Arrange for designated drivers or pool funds for rideshares to ensure everyone gets home safely.

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