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These 7 Orange-Based Cocktails Are Mixology Marvels

orange cocktail

In the kaleidoscopic world of cocktails, the humble orange shines bright. Its zest infuses spirits with a playful twist, creating beverages that make for memorable experiences. Let's dive into a journey with seven orange-based cocktails, each one bringing a unique spin to beloved spirits like RC American Pride, Antiquity Blue, and Black Dog.

RC American Pride's Orange Affair

Begin with RC American Pride Whisky, where the pulse of America's heartland is bottled. Melding this with the essence of orange, we concoct something quietly bold. Blend 45 ml of the whisky with 30 ml of sweet orange juice, stir in 15 ml of triple sec, and a dash of bitters. Once shaken and strained, enjoy this unique drink in a chilled glass.

Antiquity Blue's Citrus Swirl

Next, take a turn towards the smoothness of Antiquity Blue. Its rich, mellow flavours find a perfect partner in the lively tanginess of orange. Blend 45 ml of Antiquity Blue with 15 ml orange juice and 15 ml lemon juice, a touch of simple syrup to sweeten the deal, and a shake over ice. It's a refreshing choice that speaks of leisurely afternoons and the finer things in life.

whisky and orange

Black Dog's Orange Cocktail

Savour the rich profile of Black Dog Scotch. Its smoky, aged notes play beautifully with the sweetness of orange. Whip up 45 ml scotch with 30 ml orange juice and a drizzle of honey syrup, poured over ice and garnished with an orange peel. The result?  A cocktail that's as mysterious as it is inviting.

Don Julio’s Symphony

Have you ever seen a sunrise in a glass? That's what this symphony is. Combine 45 ml Don Julio Blanco with 60 ml orange juice, and top it with grenadine. Watch as it settles to the bottom, creating a crimson sunrise gradient. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry, and enjoy this feast.

Orange Cîroc Fizz

The Orange Cîroc Fizz – a drink that reminds one of lazy Sunday brunches with friends. Start with 45 ml Cîroc, then, brighten it up with 30 ml fresh orange juice, and top it off with soda for that fizzy kick. What you get is an effervescent delight, each bubbly sip bringing back summer memories. Don't forget to garnish with a fresh orange slice.

orange ciroc

Captain Morgan’s Tropical Escape

This one will take you straight to the tropics. Mix 45 ml of Captain Morgan rum with 30 ml of tangy orange juice. Add a dash of lime to slice through the sweetness. A bit of syrup for balance, and there you have it. Shaken, not stirred, poured over ice – ready to be devoured.

Gin's Citrus Whisper

For the grand finale, let's talk about Tanqueray’s citrus whisper. It's a refreshing rendezvous where robust Tanqueray– 45 ml, meets 30 ml orange juice. Add a splash of tonic for that extra something. Serve with an orange wedge, and you've got yourself a glass of botanical bliss.

Each cocktail in this collection is proof of the orange's adaptability. So, why not gather your ingredients and get on this fruity journey? Whether you're a mixology veteran or a curious beginner, there's always something new to discover. Cheers to a responsible adventure in flavours and memories!

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