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These Five Minimalist Practises Will Help You Enjoy Your Fine Spirits Mindfully

These Five Minimalist Practises Will Help You Enjoy Your Fine Spirits Mindfully

Minimalism is one of the trendiest lifestyle habits right now and prudently so, because this school of thought is characterised by simplicity and a deep focus only on that which is most essential. Those who follow minimalism thoughtfully are all about limiting the number of items they own to declutter their surroundings and reject the idea of multitasking by paying keen attention to the job at hand. Minimalists are then often mindful about the ways they go about their quotidien existence and this translates into their culinary habits too!

For a connoisseur of fine spirits, embracing minimalism might actually prove very advantageous. It can mean sipping on a drink of your choice in moderate amounts while savouring its notes and enjoying an alcoholic beverage in moderation. It can also mean the difference between binge drinking until you get a hangover and actually exploring the layers of a single drink enjoyed slowly, taking in its aromas and intense flavours for a thoroughly satisfying experience. There are many tricks in the minimalism handbook that help you to celebrate quality liquors mindfully.

Here are some of the ways in which you can use your minimalist thought process for mindful drinking practices:

Focus On Your Collection

One of the most mindful and minimalistic ways to curate your home bar is to be clear about the collection you want to build. Focus as ever on quality over quantity and try to go for one or two bottles of premium, excellent quality wines or liquors instead of amassing a hoard of average tasting spirits. This way, you can have a small but thoroughly meaningful collection that is extremely decluttered. Every spirit bottle in the bar will be one you cherish and enjoy, elevating your fine drinking experience. 

Deep Dive Into Your Preferences

Another hack to go minimal is to dive deep into your liquor choices instead of exploring too much too soon. As a budding connoisseur or mixologist, focus on the drinks that you have found utterly delicious and explore their histories, origins, tastes and flavour pairings to gain a deeper insight into your choices. This will enable you to be more invested in a particular spirit so that each time you pour yourself a dram of a favoured whisky, the sheer joy of sipping on a drink you know well, will be irresistible.

Functional Bar Set-Up

If you want to imbibe minimal, mindful drinking habits, go minimal with your bar too. Have the most essential accessories in store to fix your drinks but avoid cluttering your bar with way too many jiggers, mixers or shakers. Keep your liquor cabinets or home bars clean, functional and inviting so the experience of savouring a drink is heightened without excessive and gaudy interruptions.

Conscious Explorations

When you decide to explore your drinking preferences or expand your home bar to include more than a couple of bottles of quality whisky, go about it mindfully. Again, follow the same process of understanding in depth the taste and flavour of a preferred drink before adding it to the bar. As well, you might want to lean towards versatile spirits like gin or vodka so you can keep your bar stocked sparingly with essential liquors instead of crowding it with too many unnecessary spirits.

Savour Your Drink

When you drink mindfully, it also means you keep your alcohol volume in check. This in turn means you end up savouring the one or two tipples you order way more than you would when you down several pegs. Savouring one delicious drink is one of the most ideal ways to sip on a luxurious liquor in a minimalist fashion so you can delight in its every tasting note. You will be able to understand the liquor better and appreciate it even more when you practise slow drinking, taking in every sip fully.


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