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These Six Tequila Popsicles Are Perfect For Some Boozy Fun

These Six Tequila Popsicles Are Perfect For Some Boozy Fun

Summer might be a few months away, but in memory of warmer times, let us bring some sizzle to your freezer with tequila popsicles. Fun, adventurous and oh-so-delicious, these icy treats will make your pool parties and backyard hangouts legendary. Try out these impressive tequila popsicle recipes that are anything but ordinary. So, let's jump right in! 

The Jalapeño Tequila Popper

Why not start with a bit of a kick? Imagine a popsicle that’s a fiesta in your mouth. Take 60 ml Don Julio Respado, add fresh lime juice and here's the kicker: finely chopped jalapeños. Sweeten with a dash of agave nectar to balance the heat. Pour this mix into moulds and wait for the magic to happen. Once frozen, you've got a popsicle that starts with a sweet hello and ends with a spicy bang.

Tequila Sunrise Pop

Next up, let's do a twist on the classic Tequila Sunrise, but make it chill. Blend fresh orange juice with a splash of grenadine for that beautiful sunset hue. Then, gently stir in 60 ml tequila. We're talking about a smooth, high-quality one like Don Julio Blanco. Pour this picturesque concoction into your moulds and let the freezer do its thing. Once out, you will have a mesmerising gradient pop to devour.

Tequila-Beet Popsicle

Now, for something truly out of the box, let's pair tequila with the earthy goodness of beetroot. Start by juicing some fresh beets to get that vibrant and deep red juice. Mix it with 60 ml tequila for an intriguing blend of textures and flavours. Add lemon juice for tartness and agave syrup to balance the earthiness with some sweetness. Pour the mixture into popsicle moulds and freeze. 

Cucumber-Mint Tequila Refresher

For those scorching hot days, you'll want something ultra-refreshing. Enter the Cucumber-Mint Tequila Refresher. Blend fresh cucumber with a handful of mint leaves, a squeeze of lime, and a good splash of tequila. The cucumber cools, the mint revitalises and the tequila? Well, it makes everything better.

Berry-Tequila Twist

Muddle fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and mix them with a dash of lime juice and your favourite 50-ml tequila. Add a hint of honey if you like it sweeter. Freeze them and you've got a berry bonanza that’s bursting with flavours and fun. It's like a summer berry salad that meets a tequila shot and decides to have a party. 

Choco-Tequila Dream

Love desserts? Then let’s get a bit decadent. Blend some chocolate syrup with a bit of milk, add your tequila—no more than 60 ml—and a hint of vanilla extract. Pour this sinful mix into moulds and wait. Once ready, you’ve got a creamy popsicle with a cheeky, boozy side.


So, there you have it—tequila popsicles that are sure to make your summer a tad more interesting. They’re a breeze to make, a blast to eat, and a sureshot way to bring some extra joy into those long, hot days. Remember, these are for the older crowd, so enjoy responsibly and keep the fun times rolling.


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