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Make This Aam Panna Mojito Your Go-To Summer Cocktail

This Aam Panna Mojito Can Be Your Go-To Summer Cocktail

Preparing aam panna mojito can be quite an exciting affair. You get to dabble with lots of sugary, sweet ingredients while enjoying some bitter, layered notes of white rum to blend a tropical mocktail from the Indian subcontinent with the goodness of a boozy concoction with roots in the Caribbean shores. The aam panna is truly a decadent delight celebrated across the south Asian tropical regions when the delicious, fleshy mangoes start coming into bloom. Aam panna is crafted from raw mangoes, or using those mangoes that are still green and yet to ripen into their glorious yellow shades. This drink, crafted using lots of sugar, spices like saffron and cardamom among others and water or soda, is the perfect quencher on warm summer days when served with tons of ice.

The mojito is one concoction among several in which mixologists have begun to incorporate the sweet and tart notes of aam panna syrup to craft cocktails using seasonal ingredients. Making the mojito then involves giving a refreshing twist to the tropical cocktail traditionally prepared using white rum, lime juice and lots of mint muddled into the mix. This inventive recipe uses the white rum as its base, just like the mojito blend but infuses a dash of panna into it, for a far more vibrant and intriguing quality.

Aam Panna Mojito

The mango punch or sherbet brings a certain tart yet sweet note to a classic mojito recipe. This is because the tart taste of the raw mango blends well with the sugar syrup required to prepare panna leading to a very complex drink with layered tastes. These flavour profiles mix well with each other and when added to white rum enhance the complexity of the alcoholic mix. And a mojito is indeed incomplete without white rum, so you would need your usual 45 ml pour of a quality booze to incorporate a stunning kick into your aam panna cocktail.

This Aam Panna Mojito Can Be Your Go-To Summer Cocktail

As with many summer drinks, the aam panna mojito must be prepared in batches at a pool party, garden party or patio lunch so you can enjoy jug after jug of this cooling quencher to beat the sweltering heat. If your mojito is accompanying a brunch, make sure you pair it with lots of fresh salads incorporating other citrusy elements like oranges and strawberries or indulgent offerings like cream cheese and burrata.

The fresh lime juice in the drink introduces a heightened sour element into the mojito recipe that not only blends well with aam panna but also becomes a refreshing layer when you are serving a light summer repast so that all the ingredients in the cocktail come together to compliment your seasonal feast. And of course, you would need tons of muddled mint leaves to make the mojito look like, well, a mojito!

A cooling glass of aam panna mojito made from aam panna syrup and white rum can well be your go-to summer drink, becoming a showstopper at any party you host. As ever, you can prepare the aam panna concoction at home and then decide how much you want to add to your mojito according to your taste preferences. The warm hue of the drink exudes a summer glow that coupled with the fizzy soda introduces a bubbly yellow texture reminiscent of the afternoon sun.

This Aam Panna Mojito Can Be Your Go-To Summer Cocktail

Here is a quick recipe to make the aam panna mojito at home with a mint sprig garnish:


45 ml white rum

60 ml aam panna syrup

2-3 tbsp lime juice

8-10 mint leaves

60 ml club soda

For garnish:

Mint sprigs and a mango slice


1. In a mojito glass, muddle mint leaves with sugar syrup before adding aam panna, lime juice and white rum.

2. Fill up the glass with ice cubes and pour club soda gradually.

3. Garnish with mint sprigs and a fresh mango slice. Your aam panna mojito is ready to be savoured.


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