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Throwing A Crusta-Themed Party? Here Are 6 Tips For Hosting A Stylish Affair

crusta themed cocktail party

A crusta cocktail is a rather obscure drink that was quite popular in the 19th century for its sophisticated flavours and rather elegant finish. The drink is seeing somewhat of a revival now as mixologists continue to experiment with lots of floral and citrusy elements in cocktail craft. Crusta cocktails stand out for their garnishes which involve rimming a glass with castor sugar and creating a sort of collar with a long, uncut lemon strip along the edge of the stemmed glass. This cocktail is known for its elegance and is a reminder of times gone by and of the sheer style and sophistication of this period.

When you are next home hosting an intimate dinner and planning a stylish affair, you can serve crusta cocktails to elevate the elegance of your intimate gathering. But having crusta as part of your bar menu might be inadequate to create a luxe appeal for your party. There are some more hacks in our party planning playbook that might help you to level-up your stylish gathering or cocktail party when you get creative with your hosting game.

Read on below for some tips to host a crusta-themed stylish affair at your next do:

speakeasy theme

Speakeasy Decor

One of the defining features of 19th century America was speakeasies where patrons would gather around in secret to enjoy refined drinks and cocktails during the Prohibition. Turn your home into a speakeasy by rearranging some furniture, bringing in leather chairs and just a hint of glitter. Go for crystal decanters and ornate coasters which enhance the feel of meeting at an elegant gathering, albeit in secret.

crusta variations

Crusta Cocktail Variations

When you are crafting crusta cocktails, explore some variations that are fast becoming popular as part of the revival of this lesser-known drink. You can swap the brandy and cognac for gin and vodka and experiment with other citrus peels like oranges and grapefruit to add a bit more complexity to the drink. Design your bar menu on vintage cards to infuse a sophisticated but period feel into the party.

seafood canapes

Elegant Passed Hors d'oeuvres

When you are hosting a stylish gathering, one way to make it successful is to arrange for passed hors d'oeuvres. And when it is a crusta-themed event, go for foods and appetisers that pair well with this spirit forward drink. You can go for smoked salmon canapés, assorted cheese and crackers platters and stuffed mushrooms among other dishes that would well compliment your cocktail game. You can also introduce some desserts like cheesecakes or mini chocolate tarts that would fit your overall theme.

formal cocktail attire

Cocktail Formal 

When sending out invitations for this elegant do, mention the dress code as cocktail formals so your party guests will come dressed up in luxe cocktail dresses and bow ties that suit an elegant affair. Alternatively, if you decide to go the speakeasy route, your guests can come dressed in glittery gowns, feather boas and sparkly headgear which is reminiscent of some seductively secretive times gone by.

soft lighting for cocktail hour

Soft Lighting

While planning your decor, go for soft, warming lights that introduce an inviting glow into the party without being too bright or overbearing. The lighting should match the overall decor so you can go for some twinkling fairy lights, yellow lamps adorning the bar and candles that can exude an inviting, shadowy glow, fire safety permitting!

blues music and crusta

Jazz And Blues

At such a party, music would elevate the overall ambience and what better genre than jazz and blues to savour an elegant affair while sipping on a sophisticated, sugary crusta? Curate a playlist featuring classic jazz or swing tunes that add a soft but highly alluring touch to your classy and luxe party. In the 19th century, speakeasies made jazz music a popular genre and you can recreate some of its magic at the next themed event you host.

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