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Cheers To Mom! How To Plan A Memorable Mother's Day Brunch

Toast To Mothers: Crafting The Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Every year, the second Sunday in May brings one of the most special days of the year. Mother’s Day arrives with all the brightness and summer cheer characteristic of this month and it is time to pay tribute to all the lovely presences in your life who do the brilliant job of nurturing, mentoring and raising you into beautiful individuals. Undoubtedly, Mother’s Day is about honouring that special person in your life who has been instrumental in shaping and moulding you right from your childhood, well into your adult life.

And what better way to celebrate this day carved especially to mark this enduring work of raising children than a hearty brunch full of all the delicious spreads that your special person enjoys? You can prepare a delectable Mother’s Day brunch using some vibrant and colourful fruits and other ingredients readily available in summers to infuse some zestiness, tang and indulgence into this happy day.

Read on below for some ideas for planning the perfect Mother’s Day brunch this summer, especially if you are hosting this treat at home:

Toast To Mothers: Crafting The Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Fresh Fruit Platters

One of the best parts about Mother’s Day is that it arrives in summer every year which means that lots of delicious juicy, tart, tangy and sour fruits are available in abundance. While crafting your brunch menu, you can make room for fresh fruit platters featuring oranges, apples, pineapples, mangoes, watermelons and other assorted fruits that can be found readily during the season. Pour some fresh cream over these cut up fruits to prepare a delectable fruit salad that can go well with both savoury and sweet brunch treats.

Toast To Mothers: Crafting The Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Kitchen Experiments

Another way to craft your special Mother’s Day brunch is to go wild in the kitchen and concoct some interesting experiments that bring together different ingredients for curiously effective food pairings. Prepare a couple of dishes that your special person most prefers and use your creativity to bring together other treats like quail eggs, buttermilk waffles, baked croque madames and many more which are a slight spin on classic delights. Make sure the kitchen experiments are delicious and most of all, edible!

Toast To Mothers: Crafting The Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Mimosas Galore

A Mother’s Day brunch has to feature some excellent celebratory cocktails to mark the special occasion. One of the drinks perfect for such mornings is a mimosa that brings together quality champagne with a splash of orange juice. Moreover, mimosas can be crafted in large batches so you can prepare a jug full of this drink and bring it over to the brunch table. Garnish with a maraschino cherry for a pop of red amidst the bright yellowish, orange hues. Stock up on quality bubbly and use freshly squeezed orange juice to cut down on the added sugars of the fruit juice pack.

Toast To Mothers: Crafting The Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Sweet And Savoury Mix

Brunches truly become effective when they are a mix of sweet and savoury treats that can provide refreshing flavour breaks for your palate. When curating a Mother’s Day brunch, stick to this mixed theme and lay out a spread of biscuits, waffles, muffins and danishes coupled with omelettes, flatbreads, cream cheese bagels, fajitas and roasted potatoes. Such a blend of tasty treats accompanied by fresh aperol spritzers and mimosas will become a blast of flavour for your taste buds.

Toast To Mothers: Crafting The Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Live Counters

Another way to craft an elaborate Mother’s Day brunch is to set up live counters. Here, you can either head behind the cooking station yourself or hire an expert to prepare eggs to order along with waffles and pancakes that can be served fresh to all the guests coming together to celebrate this day. If you are playing host to an intimate gathering, a live counter might play to your advantage because along with enjoying the pre cooked dishes, guests will also experience the joy and comfort of gorging on warm omelettes with buttered toast and freshly made waffles doused in maple syrup and butter.

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