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Trendy And Unique Barware Birthday Gifts For Cocktail Enthusiasts

Trendy And Unique Barware Birthday Gifts For Cocktail Enthusiasts

Sure, a bottle of rum, whisky – any bottled drink is a nice birthday gift to give or receive, but a drink is only as good as the ingredients and tools used to make it. We're big on gifts that encourage you to channel your inner at-home bartender. And we're pretty sure you have a few people in your circle who consider themselves the host with the most or a cocktail mixologist too. We've rounded up an interesting selection of barware gift ideas that make the perfect birthday presents. From unique cocktail shakers, jiggers, gift sets, cocktail glasses and barware bundles, buying bartending tools for the cocktail enthusiasts in your life just got easier.

Barware Birthday Gifts For Cocktail Enthusiasts

Treat them (or yourself) to a cocktail shaker

For the cocktails that need to be shaken, a good cocktail shaker is needed, which is why you can't go wrong with gifting a well-made shaker. It's a must for every home bar, for your bestie who's recently become obsessed with cocktail-making or even a nice treat for yourself. Perfect for recreating classic cocktails like Mojitos, Moscow Mules and Margaritas. The Manhattan Cocktail Shaker is a winner. It has a built-in strainer covered by a removable cap piece, so there is no need for a separate strainer. It basically does all the hard work. Shake it, shake it!

A Birthday Gift To Make A Muddled Cocktail

Your amateur mixologist sibling or a friend, who's just started up their home bar, will need a muddler for all the tasty cocktails they’re planning on making. They’ll need the muddler to mash the fruits, herbs and spices to integrate the flavours of cocktails like Mojitos and Old Fashioneds. Although muddlers don't need to be wooden, the good thing about a wooden one is that it won’t damage or scratch your cocktail shaker tin or mixing glass. Wooden muddlers are also much easier to clean, and one with a flat end is best. Go a step ahead and look for an elegant and premium Cocktail Making Set, with a wooden muddle, which will have all the essentials they’ll need to create delicious cocktails.

Every Budding Mixologist Needs A Top-Quality Bar Spoon

Of course, any old spoon is perfectly OK to stir cocktails like Martinis and Manhattan, but a fancier one would make a lovely birthday gift. Oh, we should point out that the job of a bar spoon is for more than just stirring – it's a multipurpose tool. It's also great for layering drinks. A long stainless steel bar spoon like the one in The Barware Essentials Bundle is what we had in mind. The spiral part can also be used to pour ingredients and allow bubbles from any soda mixers to attach to the metal and enter drinks without fizzing over. The teardrop end balances the spoon to make it easier to control its motion.

Level Up Their Glassware

Everyone knows that having the right glassware is a must when serving different cocktails, like martinis in a tumbler and French 75s in champagne flutes. We’ve all bent the rules before and served a martini in a highball glass when needs must, but if you're buying for someone who loves to host, they'll appreciate the thought you've put into choosing the right glassware. Look for a refined and breathtaking set of glassware that includes all the essential cocktail glasses for every drink imaginable, from Martinis to Old-Fashioned drinks!

So, there you have it. A round-up of the best barware gifts for all the cocktail lovers in your life. Of course, it depends on who you're gifting to and how far your budget can stretch. Premium Bartending Tools set or extravagant glassware set are the ones if you have more cash to play with. But gifting just a Jigger or a stylish Cocktail shaker are great options if you are tight on a budget. Whatever you choose, we're sure your cocktail-enthusiast friends will be impressed. 

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