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Dressing Up For A Cocktail Party? 6 Chic Styles To Swear By

Try These 6 Cocktail Dress Trends For A Toast To Fashionable Drinking Attire

Us humans are fond of dressing up and most times, our sense of propriety is just sky high. This has directly translated into fashion designers and artists crafting dresses, accessories and jewellery suited to every occasion imaginable. Cocktail parties are no different. Whether you host a formal black tie affair or an elegant soiree or a bohemian-esque evening with eclectic drinks, dressing up in cocktail attire is a must. And as fashions change so too the evening wear for your cocktail parties undergoes tremendous shifts.

During the close of the 19th century, when the Jazz Age was all the rage, cocktail dresses meant ostentatious head gear and feather boas, lots of sequins and low cut gowns that added a gilded charm to any secret party. From then to the modern age where box cuts and ruffles make a resurgence, cocktail dresses have witnessed many transformations. When you gear up for cocktail night, there are numerous trendy fashions for you to choose from to dress up in your best evening wear.

Read on below to raise a toast to some of the trendiest cocktail dresses that would deck up any soiree you host:

Statement Sleeves Fitted Cocktail Dress

A style which is proving to be quite the favourite, statement sleeves like box sleeves, dramatic puff sleeves or bishop sleeves look really trendy on your cocktail dress. With such bold sleeves, the dress is fitted tightly so it wraps around your figure while the sleeves alone become the highlight. You can choose bold colours while donning this cocktail dress to add a glamorous flourish to your attire.

Try These 6 Cocktail Dress Trends For A Toast To Fashionable Drinking Attire

Ruched Velvet Cocktail Dress

Ruched dresses often make use of overlays that add ruffles or other fun patterns either to the shoulders or hem of your dress or skirt. A fashion trend that never seems to go out of vogue is the velvet dress in all its softness and subtle sheen, accompanied by a ruched element like a ruffle at your collar. You can in fact pair a ruched blouse with an olive or turquoise velvet skirt that would suit a cocktail party hosted indoors.

Metallic And Sequined Cocktail Dress

We are well out of the 1900s, yet sequins never seem to feel dated. Any long fish cut cocktail dress with sequins can hit just the right note when you choose to show off such a shimmery and glamorous outfit at drinking hour. You can pair sequins with lots of metallic accessories like bracelets or other statement jewellery which is sure to add a touch of brilliance to your sparkly dress. When you plan for such a snazzy cocktail outfit make sure you are hosting a party with a fairy lights decor so the shimmering sequins glint in their warm glow.

Long Sleeve Satin Cocktail Dress

Long sleeves and closed necks are making an elegant appearance on the fashion scene. The next time you want to go all Downton Abbey at cocktail hour, choose such a monochromatic dress with long sleeves and a slight satin shimmer that is party-like but with a touch of elegance. Such dresses are perfect for semi formal engagements.

Try These 6 Cocktail Dress Trends For A Toast To Fashionable Drinking Attire

Fringed Cocktail Dress

Dresses adorned with feathers or fringe add a playful element to your fabric while introducing a layered textural element into the dress. You can mix and match a fringed top with a pleated skirt and high heeled shoes for a fun take on your cocktail attire. A fringe dress is also perfect for a cocktail party where there is dancing involved.

Comfy Wrap Cocktail Dress

There is nothing better than a self print, vibrant wrap dress for a cocktail party which has a relaxed, laid back vibe like a tiki or an island party. Made in shades of deep red or emerald green, wrap style cocktail dresses have a lot to offer by way of comfort. You can wear such a dress at a barbeque and cocktail night to infuse a vacation-like flair into your cocktail game.


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