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These 5 Interactive Cocktail Hour Games Are Great For Wedding Season

Try These Five Wedding Season Interactive Cocktail Hour Games

Planning a cocktail hour during the wedding season and want to turn it into a fun party? You need look no further than some popular and interesting wedding-time games that would turn up the energy and enthusiasm of the wedding guests attending your party. Cocktails are generally hosted a couple of days before the wedding or at the wedding reception featuring drinks and dinner. Some of these games ought to be played before the nuptials occur, that is at a pre-wedding cocktail night, and others are more suited for the reception following the vows.

These interactive games played during cocktail hour also ensure that attendees mingle and converse with each other, often acting as icebreakers between acquaintances meeting after a long time at the wedding. The games also make sure the vibe of the wedding remains fun and celebratory without becoming too sombre, emotional or serious. Ultimately, weddings are about making merry and celebrating the couple so games become the catalyst amping up the lively atmosphere at the party.

Here are a few games that you can play during your cocktail hour this wedding season:

Newly Weds And Alreadys Weds Game

This is perhaps one of the most well-known games that couples are made to play following their nuptials or during the festivities in the lead up to the wedding day. The rules are simple – you are asked a series of questions about your intended to gauge how well you know your spouse to be. Make this game into a more interactive session by getting couples who have been married for a decade or longer to participate in the fun and decipher how much they really know each other after living together for such a long time!

Try These Five Wedding Season Interactive Cocktail Hour Games

Wedding Bingo

Play this in the traditional bingo style, except fill your bingo board with words related to the wedding like bride, gifts, toasts and more. You can customise the bingo cards to suit the couple too, such that you make room for their honeymoon destination, favourite films and other fun facts which are specific to the bridegroom. When guests mingle and converse during cocktails, they can then tick off the words they hear being spoken. Have prizes in store for the one who reaches bingo first.

Sack Race

If your wedding party consists of people who are in good shape, you can host a fun sack race outdoors. Such an event is perfect for a summer wedding day where grown-ups can have some childlike fun at cocktail hour. Enjoy a dram of Signature Premium Grain Whisky, pull up a sack and start hopping. You can also up the ante by arranging for big sacks that can fit two people to play a couples game.

Try These Five Wedding Season Interactive Cocktail Hour Games

Bowling With Beer Cans

When you serve beer at a cocktail party during weddings, you can make use of the cans to rack them up as bowling pins. Divide guests into teams and get everyone to participate in an impromptu tournament when the cocktails are well under way. This will make guests come together and talk to each other as they devise the best strategies to win a prize at the wedding. However, you will have to wait patiently to set this game up because those many cans of beer will have to first be gulped down by the attendees.

Wedding Themed Piñata

During informal wedding cocktails, hang up two or three piñatas so guests can take a shot at striking the hanging objects and release all the goodies packed inside. You can order the piñata in the shape of a heart, a flower or any other wedding symbol and fill it up with chocolates and sweet treats. Arrange for decorated sticks so attendees can take turns at hitting the piñata. Since it’s a cocktail night, guests must gulp down a shot of Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka for every missed strike.


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