Try These Rainy Day Cocktails To Warm Your Soul

Mulled Rum

When rainy days are tapering off and devout pluviophiles are looking to get their final fix of atmospheric, rainy evenings, grey evenings can take on a special glamour. Because there’s nothing quite like watching the rain pour and the wind rustle the trees while you’re safe and warm inside, cosy with a cocktail that can warm your soul.

These damp days often provide the ideal backdrop for the creation and enjoyment of these delectable concoctions. Whether you're an amateur mixologist or a seasoned cocktail enthusiast, these recipes are beginner-friendly and use everyday ingredients to help you effortlessly elevate your rainy-day experience. No elaborate tools or mixology skills are required – just a handful of ingredients and a willingness to embrace the soothing powers of a well-crafted cocktail.

Rainy days were made for comfort and there’s no better place to find it than in a warming cocktail. So to make the most of those grey evenings, here are 6 soothing cocktails that will help brighten up even the gloomiest evening.

Classic Hot Toddy

It’s theorised that an Irish doctor was inspired by the ‘Toddy’ of Kerala, India – which featured fermented palm sap, hot water and spices. That led him to add some sugar, lemon and cinnamon which he then prescribed as a cure for the sniffles and a sore throat. A Classic Hot Toddy is still treated like an alcoholic cure-all and with good reason. It’s like a warm hug in a mug. To make it, simply combine hot water, honey, lemon juice, and a splash of whisky or brandy, the proportions can vary based on your personal preferences. It's a timeless remedy for the damp and chilly days, offering both warmth and comfort.

Irish Coffee

The Irish are well known for their love of whisky, so it’s no surprise that they found a way to liven up even a classic cup of coffee. The perfect balance of caffeine to wake you up and a peg of whisky to mellow you out, this boozy beverage is an easy way to spruce up your afternoons in a shot. To make it, just brew a strong cup of your preferred coffee, stir in a spoonful of sugar, add a shot of Irish whisky, and top it with a dollop of whipped cream. 

Spiced Mulled Rum

If you want the taste of Christmas any time of the year, better keep some mulled rum on hand. A play on the traditional mulled wine, this spinoff takes the deep, earthy sweetness of dark rum and combines it with warming winter spices for a brand new experience. Gently heat up a bottle of dark rum with a mixture of spices like cinnamon, cloves, and star anise, along with some orange peel and a touch of sugar. The result is a fragrant and heartwarming brew that can be bottled and served with a touch of warm water for a cosy evening.

Hot Buttered Rum

For a more indulgent drink that really warms you from top to toe, there’s nothing quite like a Hot Buttered Rum. The drink can be traced back to the 1600s when rum produced in Jamaica soon made its way to the American colonies. To beat the cold climes of winter, people started adding hearty ingredients and warm spices to create a drink that wards off the chill in every sip. To make it, just blend butter, brown sugar, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg into a paste. Add a measure of dark rum and hot water, and you'll have a velvety, sweet concoction that's ideal for a rainy evening.

Boozy Hot Chocolate

There’s almost nothing in the world that can’t be improved with a great mug of hot chocolate, but then add a splash of whisky and you’ve really got something special. The warm flavours of chocolate paired with a punchy peg of whisky could be just what you need to sink into a relaxing rainy evening. If you’re feeling extra daring, try adding a dash of smoked paprika or a hint of almond syrup for a more flavourful experience. 

Ginger Toddy

Rainy days can always come with the risk of falling sick, so go ahead and nip that in the bud with this power-packed cocktail. The bioactive compound Gingerol found in fresh ginger has antibacterial and antiviral properties which help boost immunity and prevent smaller ailments like colds, coughs and sore throats. For this soothing tonic, Combine whisky, hot water, honey, lemon juice, and a generous slice of fresh ginger. The ginger adds a comforting warmth and a hint of zing to your drink.

Rainy days won’t look so gloomy when you have these delightful warming cocktails to sample. So cosy up with these soul-soothing recipes and let the rain do its thing.

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