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Two-Ingredient Cocktail Recipes Every Home Bartender Must Know!

Two-Ingredient Cocktail Recipes Cover

If you are looking for cocktail recipes that are quick, easy and require only two ingredients then you have come to the right place! We've compiled a delightful collection of 10 two-ingredient cocktail recipes that every home bartender must know!

Two-Ingredient Cocktail Recipes for Home Bartenders

1. Ginger Ale Highball

Ginger Ale Highball
A delightful whisky cocktail that brings together the warmth of whisky and effervescence of the ginger ale. The delightful balance of the flavours creates an invigorating drink that is perfect for any occasion. As you take each sip, you will experience the harmonious blend of the richness and smoothness of the whisky with the zesty ginger ale. 

Recipe: Pour 50ml of whisky into the highball glass filled with ice. Top it up with ginger ale. Stir the ingredients gently to combine. 

2. The Godfather

The Godfather
An impeccable blend of scotch whisky and amaretto liqueur, Godfather is a cocktail that exudes elegance. The sweet and nutty undertones of the Amaretto delightfully complement the smoky and robust character of the scotch whisky. If you are a home bartender then an easy-to-mix whisky cocktail is sure to impress your guests!

Recipe: Grab a mixing glass and fill it with ice. Pour 60ml of Scotch whisky and 8ml of Amaretto. Stir to combine and strain it into a rocks glass over fresh ice.

3. Greyhound

A citrusy delight, the Greyhound cocktail combines gin and grapefruit in a refreshing blend. The smooth and invigorating botanical character of the gin is perfectly complemented by the zesty and tangy grapefruit juice. This two-ingredient gin cocktail is not to be missed!

Recipe: Grab a rocks glass and fill it with ice. Pour 45ml of gin and top up with grapefruit juice. Stir gently to combine. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit or lime wheel and serve.

4. Gin and Tonic

No house party can be complete without a delightful Gin and Tonic on the menu! Whether you are entertaining your friends or mixing a refreshing gin cocktail for yourself, this one is a true crowd-pleaser. The crispiness of the tonic seamlessly blends with the botanical essence of gin to create a cocktail that’s been loved by gin lovers for decades!

Recipe: Fill the highball glass with ice. Pour 60ml of gin over the ice and top up with tonic water. Garnish with a wheel of lime for an added burst of flavour!

5. Martini

An iconic drink that is a staple across many bars and restaurants worldwide. With numerous variations and delightful twists, Martini is a cocktail that boasts clean and crisp flavours. Garnish with a twist of lime or olives, shake it or stir it, this gin cocktail is sure to impress! It's perfect for those who appreciate a timeless concoction.

Recipe: Add some ice to the mixing glass. Next, pour 75ml of gin, 15ml of dry vermouth and 1 dash of orange bitters (optional) into a mixing glass. Stir gently to combine. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon or olives and serve.

6. Screwdriver

Pretty simple to mix, Screwdriver is a popular vodka cocktail that’s been loved by many. The elegant combination of vodka and orange juice thrills and refreshes the senses. The smoothness of the vodka mingles beautifully with the refreshing citrus notes creating a well-balanced cocktail that is easy to enjoy!

Recipe: Grab a highball glass and fill it with ice. Pour 45ml of vodka and top up with orange juice, Garnish with an orange wheel and serve.

7. Black Russian

The richness of vodka and the intricate flavours of coffee liqueur meet in a captivating blend in the Black Russian cocktail. A treat to the senses, this vodka cocktail packs a burst of flavour with a delicate hint of sweetness. If you are looking for a quick and easy cocktail recipe to serve to your unexpected guests then this one is sure to please.

Recipe: Grab a mixing glass and add some ice. Pour 60ml of vodka, and 30ml of coffee liqueur into the mixing glass. Stir well to combine. Strain the mixture into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a cherry and serve.

8. Rusty Nail

If you are looking for a comforting and fuss-free cocktail that packs a punch, then Rusty Nail is your drink! This delectable cocktail combines Scotch Whisky with Drambuie, a liqueur that is deliciously smooth with a hint of spiced honey! This whisky cocktail is a perfect choice for those seeking a bold and satisfying sip.

Recipe: Grab a mixing glass and fill it with ice. Pour 45ml of Scotch whisky and 22ml of Drambuie into the mixing glass. Stir well to combine. Prepare a rocks glass by placing a large ice cube in it. Strain the mixture into the rocks glass over the ice and serve.

9. Cuba Libre

This classic highball cocktail is a fusion of rum and lime with the effervescence of coca cola. This rum cocktail is delightful and has a lively combination of flavours that lingers on the palate. If you are looking for an easy-to-mix cocktail that offers a tropical escape, then this drink is the one!

Recipe: Grab a highball glass and fill it with ice. Pour 60ml of rum over the ice. Squeeze a little juice from a lime wedge and drop in the peel into the drink. Top up with Coca-Cola and stir gently. Garnish with a lime wheel and serve.

10. Cape Codder

If you are looking for a two-ingredient cocktail recipe that’s refreshing and visually stunning, nothing can beat Cape Codder. It’s a vibrant and fruity cocktail recipe, that combines vodka with delightful cranberry juice. The impeccable balance of flavours will satisfy your taste buds with every sip! Try this at home once and you will be mixing it again in no time!

Recipe: Grab a highball glass and fill it with ice. Pour 45ml of vodka into the glass over the ice. Top up with cranberry juice and stir to combine. Squeeze a lime wedge on top to add a burst of flavour and drop it in the drink to garnish.

Well, that was our collection of delectable two-ingredient cocktail recipes that are quick and easy to mix! Whether you want to entrain your unexpected guests with some simple mixes or love to craft some for yourself, these cocktail recipes are sure to please even the most discerning palate! Try them and let us know how it went.

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