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Unleashing The Humble Banana In Five Dazzling Mocktails

how to make banana mocktails

Gone are the days of banana bread. No more Googling ‘how to use overripe bananas’ that have been sitting on your counter for weeks. We’re introducing you to extraordinary mocktail recipes that let bananas assume the position they arguably deserve: centre stage. Ripe or raw, yellow or green, there is a fix for all your produce problems in this lineup of quirky, delicious concoctions. Mixed with some snazzy non-alcoholic spirits and mixers, we’re sure you’ll go bananas over these recipes as soon as you try them out.

Banana Spice Nojito

The Banana Spice Nojito takes the classic mojito blueprint and gives it a banana twist. Muddle a ripe banana and a pinch of cardamom in a shaker; add a squeeze of lime and a dollop of sugar. Shake it with passion, strain into a glass filled with crushed ice, and top it off with 100 ml of Black and White Ginger Ale. You have a drink that zings with spice and comforts with banana.

Creamy Banana Tonic

For this Creamy Banana Tonic, blend 50 ml of ripe banana puree with a dash of almond extract for a nutty undertone. Pour this creamy mix into a glass over ice and top with 100 ml Gordon's Tonic Water. The tonic's bitterness beautifully offsets the banana's sweetness, creating an unexpectedly delicious mocktail.

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Banana's Foster Fizz

Inspired by the classic dessert, Banana's Foster Fizz is a treat. Caramelise a banana with a sprinkle of brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon. Once cool, blend it until smooth, and add 50 ml of this mix to a glass. Top with 100 ml Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer. It's like the best part of a dessert in a glass, minus the guilt!

Banana-Beet Refresher

For something a bit left-field, try the Banana-Beet Refresher. Juice a small beetroot for its earthy sweetness and mix it with 50 ml of banana puree. Add this to a glass with crushed ice, and top with 100 ml Smirnoff Lemon Pop. This mocktail is a pandora’s box of flavours—earthy, sweet, and tangy, all in one.

Green Banana Herb Cooler

Finally, the Green Banana Herb Cooler is for those who like botanicals. Blend 50 ml green banana puree (yes, green for a slight tang) with a handful of fresh cilantro and basil. Strain into a glass over ice and top with 100 ml Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer. This one's a unique blend of herbaceous notes and banana's subtle sweetness.

There you have it—five banana mocktails that are anything but ordinary. Each recipe takes the banana on a new adventure, proving that this fruit can do so much more than we give it credit for