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Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Six Romantic Vodka-Infused Drinks

Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Six Romantic Vodka-Infused Drinks

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating pinkish blushes and reddish blooming romances, about stealing furtive kisses and enjoying warm glows of love away from the very public gaze of social media. Planning an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner is one of the loveliest ways of marking the day and spending a quiet evening with a special someone. It is a day to enjoy all kinds of love, friendships and cosy feelings of comfort you would experience with those closest to you. From planning a delightful whisky tasting journey to arranging a couples mixology class, there are so many activities that you can curate for a personalised, romantic experience.

And if you are turning mixologist on this day of love and romance, what better liquor to dabble with than a quality vodka? The translucent spirit carries an intense flavour but very subtle textures which make it rather malleable as a mixer for cocktails. You can also give your vodka cocktails a romantic spin with recipes that speak of the colours of love and seduction.

Read on below to know more about the romantic cocktails you can concoct for Valentine’s Day using premium vodka:

Cointreau Cosmo

A lovely take on the traditional cosmo, this cointreau infused drink gives the cocktail a rather pleasing hue. Add a quality Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka along with generous helpings of cointreau and lime juice to a shaker to give the drink a lovely tang. Pack it with cranberry juice, as much for its colour as for its zesty notes. The drink can be served with fresh cranberries as a garnish that will elevate your romance game by quite a few notches.

Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Six Romantic Vodka-Infused Drinks

Raspberry Martini

Follow the classic martini recipe but instead of adding olives, use raspberries for their sweet and sour notes. A Valentine’s Day cocktail is about introducing sweeter notes into traditional cocktail recipes so you have to be generous with fruity, zesty textures while embarking on this cheesy love theme. Make the raspberry martini using a Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka and the fresh fruit along with plenty of ice.

The Love Potion

Be wary of sipping on this cocktail, lest you fall hard for someone! The Love Potion is made out of a whole host of vibrant ingredients including grenadine syrup, cranberry juice and lime. The drink acquires a rather pinkish and reddish hue, and is perfect for an intimate dinner. Hop on the trend of using flavoured vodkas in cocktail concoctions and go for an aromatic raspberry variant to craft this number. You can either serve the love potion at a Valentine’s Day cocktail party or at a dinner featuring some aphrodisiac foods like couscous, oysters and chocolate.

Champagne’s Kiss

Make this cocktail using a quality bubbly which will top off some chambord and a Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka. The drink will carry a slightly pinkish hue owing to the presence of a tinge of pomegranate or raspberry juice that will also introduce a slight tang into the recipe. Champagne’s kiss is a celebratory cocktail so enjoy this bubbly drink to mark the glow of a thriving romance!

Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Six Romantic Vodka-Infused Drinks

French Martini

Let’s just all agree that anything which spells French automatically becomes romantic and seductive. The French martini is one such cocktail which incorporates raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice into a simple recipe. You can serve a French martini made from Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka and infuse it with fruity, zesty love notes.

Rose Kiss Cocktail

A love kiss and a kiss with a buzz make the perfect pairing for Valentine’s Day. Go for a rose kiss cocktail on this day of all things romantic and whip up a drink with hints of rose water, a splash of vodka and rosé. The rose kiss cocktail is perfect for an intimate dinner and you can create quite the ambience with aromatic rose petals strewn over marbled floors for the full effect.