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Welcome Autumn With This Spiced Berry Smash Cocktail

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It's that time of year when the air gets a little crisper and our drinks get a little cosier. It’s fall! If you’re ready to shake up your cocktail game with something that screams autumn, let us introduce you to the Spiced Berry Smash. A celebration of the season where everything seems like it was licked by a bright fire, this cocktail unleashes the beauty of seasonal berries.

What you'll need:

Whisky: Talisker 10, 50 ml for its robust and full-bodied profile.
Mixed Berries: Think raspberries, blackberries, or maybe even a few blueberries. About a handful.
Honey Syrup: 15 ml, for a touch of natural sweetness.
Lemon Juice: Freshly squeezed, about 15 ml.
Ground cinnamon and cloves: just a pinch of each.
Ice: To chill and meld the flavours.
Soda Water: A splash for a bit of fizz.
Garnish: a cinnamon stick and a few whole berries. You can freeze them beforehand if you like your drink extra chilled.

Preparing the Spice Blend

Before we dive into the cocktail, let’s get our spice blend ready. You want the warmth of cinnamon and the slight kick of cloves. Mix together ground cinnamon and cloves in equal parts. You won’t need much for one drink; just a pinch will do. This spice blend is what gives the Spiced Berry Smash its distinctive autumnal character.

spiced berry cocktail

Building the Drink

Start with the berries. Add them to your cocktail shaker and gently muddle them. You're looking to break them down enough so they release their juices and combine with the spices you'll add later.
Pour in the whisky next. Talisker 10 works wonders here, adding depth and a bit of heat. Follow this up with honey syrup and fresh lemon juice. The honey syrup brings a smooth sweetness that complements the berries, while the lemon juice adds a necessary tang to balance the drink.
Now, let's get a little bit of magic in there—your cinnamon and clove mix. A sprinkle of this, and you're not just making any berry cocktail; you're crafting a concoction that whispers 'autumn' with every sip. Toss some ice into your shaker and give it a good, vigorous shake. You want those flavours to get cosy with each other. For the finale, top with fizzy soda water.

Why This Drink's a Must-Try

Imagine the whisky as the base of a roaring fire, warming everything up. The berries jump in like a burst of colourful leaves, bringing their tart and fruity zing. The honey syrup adds that familiar, sweet winter warmth, tying all these flavours together. The cinnamon and cloves, however, are the real showstoppers here, bringing that quintessential fall feeling—like a walk through a street sprinkled with fallen leaves.
Whether you're bringing friends together on a cool evening or just kicking back to relish the season's charm, this Spiced Berry Smash is the perfect companion.

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