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Which White Lotus Guest You’re And What’s The Best Cocktail-Food Pairing That Matches Your Personality

white lotus cocktail quiz

The worst part of taking a vacation at the White Lotus? Murder, probably. The best part about taking a vacation at the White Lotus? Getting to enjoy the food and drink offerings at a luxury resort.

No? Just us?

If you agree, and were paying close attention to what the guests ate and drank on the show, then this quiz is for you. Pick your ideal cocktail and meal pairing (really imagine yourself on vacation, go all out), and we’ll tell you which murder-mystery-secret implicated character you’d be on The White Lotus. Of course, whether you’re on vacation or not, remember to drink responsibly! You can just as easily imagine these to be mocktail and meal pairings.

How to take the quiz:

You’ll have to do some math here on out. Whatever options you select for each question, add up the corresponding option numbers to get your final tally. So if you select options 1, 2, and 3, your final tally would be 6, which will determine your result.

Q1. Let’s start the day with a leisurely brunch. Pick your brunch item:

1. Eggs benedict

2. Smoked salmon bagel sandwich

3. A fresh fruit and yoghurt bowl

4. Pancakes with chocolate drizzle

Q2. What cocktail would you get with your meal?

1. Old Fashioned

2. Gin and tonic

3. Vodka Martini

4. Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise

Q3. You’ve just come back from a day of sightseeing, and are ready to sit down for dinner. What are you ordering?

1. Grilled steak with peppercorn sauce

2. Seared scallops with citrus glaze

3. Alfredo spaghetti with chicken

4. Spicy shrimp tacos

Q4. What cocktail would you get with dinner?

1. Rob Roy with scotch whisky

2. Gin fizz

3. Vodka gimlet

4. Margarita

Q5. As you wind down from the day, pick a nightcap cocktail.

1. Irish whisky

2. Negroni

3. Espresso martini

4. A tequila hot toddy

white lotus quiz

Now let’s find out your character!

If your tally is 5-8, you’re like Quinn Mossbacher! He does his own thing, isn’t scared of judgement, and has a taste for the finer side of life. He also knows simple pleasures like sleeping by the ocean and enjoying the moment. Just like him, you go on and enjoy your grilled steak and whisky!

If your tally is 9-12, you’re most like Tanya Mcquoid! Easily the show’s most memorable character, you bring a unique presence everywhere you go. You might be underrated or undervalued sometimes, but people who see your true value will stick by you, because you fight fiercely for what you love. The versatile gin with seafood options represents the individuality you bring to the table.

If your tally is 13-16, you’re most like Dominic Di Grasso! Firm, resolute, and determined to get what you want, you care deeply for those around you. You might make mistakes sometimes, but you acknowledge them and work to not repeat them. Strangers easily warm up to you because of your likeable presence. Just like alfredo spaghetti and vodka gimlets, you’re a classic who knows how to have a good time!

If your tally is 17-20, you’re most like Rachel Patton! Your preference for bold Tequila Sunrises and spicy shrimp tacos means you have a dynamic personality and crave adventure, just like Rachel does on her trip. You have many accomplishments under your belt, but the most important thing to you is being kind and living life to the fullest. You aren’t afraid of new experiences, and will jump headfirst into your next trip opportunity. 

Now that you know which character you are, you can embody them by making these cocktails and meals. Remember to drink responsibly, and have fun!

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