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Whisky Aficionados Can Head To These Destinations For Winter Getaways

Whisky Aficionados Can Head To These Destinations For Winter Getaways

Winters spell warm fireplaces, cosy rugs and a good novel to be enjoyed sitting on a comfy chair. And a rock glass full of quality whisky or a single malt just adds to the picturesque comfort of enjoying a warming drink on cold evenings. For whisky aficionados, winters indeed spell a very special time because it is all about revelling in the wonders of a drink that acts as the perfect soother to unwind during chilly climes. If that’s not enough, heading out for a small vacation in winters can be made more enjoyable if the getaway celebrates the wonders of this luxurious spirit.

From the peaty distilleries in Scotland to the riverside state of Kentucky, there are numerous places across the globe which produce quality whisky—each variant complete with its own robust and intense flavour profile. To head over to such places during winters and savour a rock glass with three fingers of whisky lounging in a luxurious resort would indeed be heavenly comfort. If you are a whisky connoisseur planning to travel during winters, there are many such spots you can head to, for enjoying the spirit amidst some magnificent landscapes.

Read on below to know more about the destinations you can visit for a winter getaway and good whisky:

The Highlands

One of the best locations to visit during winters is a lovely winter resort in the Scottish highlands to enjoy the snows, the cooling temperatures and some delicious food coupled with a range of whiskies that can be savoured by a roaring fire. The peaty and smoky notes of quality single malts will be all the more enjoyable when you sip on premium liquor in a resort offering a good selection of a dram paired with an intimate three course dinner. Head to Islay or Speyside known for their distilleries, and take in the views of the looming Scottish hills while you are there. 

Whisky Aficionados Can Head To These Destinations For Winter Getaways


If you are looking for a more inventive alternative for a winter getaway, you can indeed head over to Iceland. It gets crazy cold here during snowy climes and oftentimes you might find yourself locked in a cosy resort or inn waiting for the weather to clear. But Reykjavik is nonetheless a very magical place to be in during winters with picturesque landscapes like white, frozen waters that literally arrest your eyes. Here, you can sip on quality whiskies that will warm you up and visit a distillery or two to see the workings of liquors stored away in barrels.

County Kerry

Of the many spots around the globe well-known for whisky distilleries, Ireland is one of the most celebrated. While planning a winter getaway, consider County Kerry as one of the destinations on the map because it houses a lot of different hotels and resorts offering a very good selection of whiskies made all over Europe. Undoubtedly, County Cork is another popular spot for you to visit especially if you want to know more about the histories and origins of some of the more popular whisky makers. 


When you are planning a trip that offers both winter fun and whisky love, head over to Kentucky which is the home of many distilleries making quality bourbon. You can opt for a resort or winter hotel in Louisville that caters to winter hikes or offers long walks as cool winds blow. You can sip on some bourbons and malts and even head out for a whisky tasting if you feel you can brave the cold.

Whisky Aficionados Can Head To These Destinations For Winter Getaways


A point of attraction that has put Norway on a traveller’s map for the longest time has been the northern lights which brighten the sky on winter nights. You can head over to Tromso to explore Norway’s winter whilst enjoying delectable brews that would warm you up on cold evenings. Norwegian whisky has a distinct and rich flavour profile of its own, making this region a true paradise for whisky aficionados.

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