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Whisky Infused Stuffed Mushrooms For A Boozy Take On A Classic

Stuffed Mushrooms

Making appetisers with a boozy touch on a cocktail night is almost like adding a layer of cream to an already indulgent chocolate dessert. Such starters acquire a deep and complex textural and flavourful element because certain savoury ingredients and spices interact with spirits like wines, whiskies and vodkas in a way that enhances the depth of the culinary delights.

A boozy spin on popular appetisers or amuse bouches can then bring in a bitter and spiky touch to put forward some unexpected elements onto your surprised palate. One particular classic which is utterly mouth watering is a plateful of stuffed button mushrooms that can be infused with the bold and robust notes of whisky for a decadent finish.

Johnnie Walker

Whisky Infused Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms stuffed with onions, cheese, garlic and some simple seasonings are a very versatile dish that can accommodate a whole lot of different flavours. You can experiment with multiple spices and ingredient pairings that can be stuffed into the hollowed mushrooms to prepare this small bite carrying earthy and umami notes.

While it is quite a regular fare to add different kinds of cheeses or breadcrumbs into the classic recipe, you can give it a twist with a boozy touch rendered by a generous splash of quality Scotch whisky like a Johnnie Walker Black Label.

As a spirit, whisky can be quite an exquisite drink that is savoured neat or on a bed of rocks in a leisurely manner to enjoy all its complex tasting notes. From its deep gold or brownish tinge to its aromas reminiscent of the peaty soils of the Highlands, everything about Scotch is alluring in the extreme. Yet, even as the liquor is enjoyed for these layered elements, its addition to food imparts lots of warmth and depth to many sweet and savoury offerings.

Stuffed mushrooms

The textural composition of such a premium Scotch would automatically endow mushrooms with a smoky flavour and a sweet, fruity finish that gives the small bite a very well-rounded quality. You can add a 30 ml pour of this whisky directly to the pan on which you are preparing the breadcrumb and onion stuffing for a small batch of stuffed mushrooms. Simultaneously, you can also bring into the mushrooms some smoky spices like peppers and paprika that blend into this peaty taste which permeates through the stuffing upon the addition of a quality whisky.

Top this up with cheeses like parmesan or cheddar to complement the spicier and slightly stronger flavours of the whisky. Melted cheese and the spirit will make for an inviting combination accentuated by the earthy flavours of the mushroom base. Make sure you incorporate finely chopped stems of the mushrooms into the stuffing too, to give it more volume and to minimise waste.

Whisky can be incorporated in the starter either by directly adding it in this manner to the stuffing so it caramelises well or it can be turned into a glaze which is used to polish the baked mushrooms. You can prepare a simple glaze by bringing together whisky with some tangy vinegar and a hint of muscovado sugar. After baking the mushrooms stuffed with a sumptuous filling, lightly brush this glaze all over the goodies and then pop them in the oven again so the whisky releases its intense aromas.

Gin and tonic

Pairing With Cocktails

Such an exquisitely prepared boozy starter will introduce a pleasing buzz into your cocktail gathering especially if you have added a wholesome amount of the spirit to your stuffing. When the taste of whisky thus lingers on your palate upon savouring a bite of the appetiser, it has to be washed down with a citrusy, fruity cocktail that contrasts these intense notes.

When you are hosting a cocktail evening, pair your whisky infused stuffed mushrooms with boldly flavoured drinks like a gin and tonic, a classic martini and even some tropical mixes such as a mojito or a piña colada whose fresh and tangy notes would nicely counteract the intensity of the Highland spirit.

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