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You Know The Bloody Mary But Have You Heard Of The Bloody Bull?

By: Shireen Jamooji

bloody bull cocktail

The world of mixology is wide, varied, and sometimes, just plain crazy. There’s virtually nothing that you can imagine that isn’t already on a cocktail menu somewhere. From crazy kitchen chemistry to precious gold leaf, there are cocktails with everything imaginable in them. So when we say there’s a cocktail made with meat, we’re guessing it’s not that much of a surprise. Introducing, the Bloody Bull.

History Of The Bloody Bull

Reportedly originating at a renowned bar in New Orleans, the Bloody Bull is essentially a Bloody Mary infused with beef broth. Since The Bloody Mary is typically hailed as a hangover cure, with its spice and tangy tomato, it almost makes sense that something nutritious like a meaty broth would be the next logical addition…but then you remember that it’s a cocktail.

While it may seem uncomplicated, the addition of this extra element elevates a decent drink to the status of an outstanding cocktail. A Bloody Mary is already a pretty potent brew in terms of flavours with things like horseradish, celery, hot sauce, tomato juice and vodka all vying for attention. Some people even amp that up with more additions like chilli rims and kimchi garnishes, so when you imagine adding hot, umami broth to the mix, you might think things would get even more out of hand. However, something about that small addition actually serves to unite the flavours and make them into an even more cohesive drink. 

But the Bloody Bull isn’t the only cocktail you can make including stocks and broths, in fact, there’s a wide world of possibilities and they’ve even got their own name in the form of stocktails. 


What Is A Stocktail?

Much like the name suggests, a stocktail is an alcoholic beverage that’s built on the base of a savoury stock. This can be meats like beef or chicken, or even vegetables like mushrooms which impart their own umami nature to the stock. These can be elevated with herbs like rosemary, thyme or mint and combined with spirits that complement them such as a neutral vodka or a herbaceous botanical forward gin. These combinations often also include spices and condiments that play off both the savoury stock and the natural notes of the alcohol. 

Exploring broth-based cocktails offers a unique and savoury dimension to the world of mixology. Unlike traditional mixers, chicken broth, when skillfully incorporated, imparts a rich and comforting undertone to the beverage. The warmth and depth of the broth enhance the overall drinking experience, providing a soothing contrast to the usual cocktail profile. Broth-based cocktails showcase versatility, allowing for intriguing combinations with various herbs, spices, and sauces, resulting in a delightful fusion of tastes. Whether enjoyed as a novel winter warmer or a sophisticated year-round option, these cocktails are a testament to the endless possibilities within the realm of beverage craftsmanship.

chicken broth cocktail

Simple Chicken Broth Cocktail Recipe

180 ml heated chicken broth
60 ml vodka or other liquor
½ tsp mixed herbs
Dash of sauce, if desired
Squeeze of lemon or lime
Rosemary for garnish

If using additional spices or herbs, combine them with the hot chicken broth and steep for at least 5 minutes, or longer for a stronger flavour. 
If steeped overnight, stir and heat the broth when ready to serve.
In a mug, place the vodka, sauce, and citrus juice. Stir the ingredients together.
Slowly add the hot broth to the mug, stirring to combine the flavours.
Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.