Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged & Rare Blended Scotch Whisky

750 ml | 42.8% ABV


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Relax and unwind with black dog

Sir Walter Millard understood that nature relies on the harmonious interaction of its elements, a philosophy that he applied to his passions of whisky making and fly fishing. In both, he believed that by beautifully balancing diverse forces and by understanding and working in synchronicity with time and space, extraordinary results could be achieved. Refined, sociable and charismatic, Black Dog encourages achievers to savour the pause.


Black Dog Blended Scotch Whisky

We believe making time for yourself is an investment and Black Dog makes that investment luxurious. Let the world wait.


Smooth, fruity and sweet with much of the vanilla and caramel pulling through.


Dark Gold


Begins wheat like, creamy and malty starting sweet like a bouquet of caramel, honey, chocolate and dark raisins.


Dry, sweet, pleasant and long.


Signature Serve: Black Dog Mint Julep

mint julepmint julep

What you need:

60 ml Black Dog Scotch whisky
8 mint leaves
2 spoons sugar

How to make it:

In a tall glass, pour 60ml Black Dog Scotch Whiskey and top it up with water
Mix 2 spoons sugar in the drink
Top it up with Mint leaves

mint julepbdog111

A bit of history

The Black Dog brand of scotch was first blended and bottled in 1883 by James MacKinlay, a second-generation blender of the Leith family of Scotland. In the same year, Sir Walter Millard, a young 19-year-old scot from East India Company, came to Scotland in search of an impeccable whisky to fulfill the consignment order by Herbert Musgrave Phipson, owner of Phipson & Co. from Bombay (now Mumbai), India. Sir Walter Millard discovered the great taste of this blend, and he was responsible for dispatching the consignment back to India, arriving in 1884. According to the legacy, the brand was named Millard Black Dog. Sir Walter Millard, a keen angler, named the brand after his favorite salmon fishing fly, the Black Dog.

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