Captain Morgan Dark Rum

750 ml | 42.8% ABV


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An exceptional taste experience

Captain Morgan is a fine, distinctive, and premium dark rum, with a rich taste that is pleasant, warm, and sweet. Combined with its unique aroma of blended spice, vanilla, and rich caramel, makes Captain Morgan Rum a refined drinking experience.


Captain Morgan Dark Rum

Flavoured with the taste of vanilla, other natural flavours and spices for an irresistibly sweet yet subtly spiced taste.


A rich golden glow


Flavoured with the taste of vanilla and spice.


Rich vanilla, brown sugar & warming spices


Hint of oak


Signature Serve: Captain n Cola

Captain Morgan RecipeCaptain Morgan Recipe

What you need:

Ice Cubes
50 ml Captain Morgan Rum
125 ml Cola
A dash of flair and let the party begin!

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