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Godawan Logo

Discover the spirit of the Desert

We are from Rajasthan. A land of imposing geography whose people craft stunning beauty from its precious resources. It is this spirit that makes Godawan the world standard in exquisite craftsmanship for single malts.


The mark of  OUR HERITAGE

Once upon a time, Godawan or the Great Indian Bustard could be seen all over India. Now only 150 remain. Rajasthan is now its sole and natural home, thanks to the longstanding tradition of its people to live in harmony with nature.


Finished in casks curated with exotic Indian botanicals, each expression of Godawan is rich and smooth.

Exceptional Craft

Throughout its creation, we have pushed the boundaries of craftsmanship using ingredients, environment & process to create a truly unique & quintessential single malt from India.

Infused with Passion

he spirit of Rajasthan is about a relentless pursuit of perfection and singular beauty. This passion runs through every drop of our product.

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In Rajasthan we don’t just make do with what we have, we enrich it with our spirit. Be it jewelry, food or architecture, we have always created exquisite beauty in complete harmony with our environment.