J & B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky

750 ml | 42.8% ABV


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The whisky That re-imagined whisky

Designed to be lighter and more versatile, J&B is a scotch to be mixed how you like, not slowly sipped and savoured. A scotch that sparks curiosity and invites experimentation. A scotch with an open door policy, encouraging different characters to come to the table.


J & B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky

A fruity, fresh quality that makes it an ideal whisky for mixing. Its blend of 42 whiskies is perfectly balanced, with no individual flavour outweighing the others.


Light Golden coloured


A medium-bodied nose with hints of walnut, toffee apples, cedar wood, orange zest and malt


Balanced and rounded nose - lots of fruit here, with a little toffee and malt


Medium finish with oak and cinnamon


Signature Serve: J & B Rare with Ginger Ale

J&B RecipeJ&B Recipe

What you need:

50ml J&B Rare
150ml Ginger Ale

Mix Well & Enjoy

J&B RecipeJB History

A bit of history

Founded by an Italian and an Englishman, Justerini and Brooks (or J&B) is the unscotch scotch – unstuffy, unpretentious and unconventional. A unique blend, whose soul is in the city not the highlands, J&B was developed in London by not just master blenders, but by master businessman – Debonair Rogues who charmed everyone from high society to Hollywood stars.

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