Tanqueray No. Ten Gin

750 ML | 47% ABV


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An exceptional taste experience

Tanqueray No. Ten Gin is distilled several times over with Tanqueray’s award-winning gin botanicals of refreshing juniper, peppery coriander, aromatic angelica and sweet liquorice. Whole citrus fruits, including limes, oranges and pink grapefruit are then added with chamomile flowers.

Tanqueray No. Ten Gin

Distillation takes place in a unique copper still called Tiny Ten. It produces a spirit known as the citrus heart which gives Tanqueray No. Ten its bright, elegant citrus taste.


Citrus fruits, juniper and chamomile flowers


Crystal clear, thanks to four times distillation


Vanilla and an elegant floral finish


Juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice

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Signature Serve : Tanqueray Ten


How to make:

We recommend a balloon glass.
Add plenty of ice, then the gin and top up with premium tonic water.
For the ultimate bartendery touch, finish with a wedge of pink grapefruit and a few raspberries.


A bit of history

Charles Tanqueray created the world’s finest London Dry Gin in 1830. It’s made today to the same classic recipe. Every bottle carries a seal marking a symbol of quality and 190 years of distilling excellence.

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