7 Bar essentials that you will need to mix delicious World-Class Cocktails at home

By Shivaraj
7 Bar essentials that you will need to mix delicious World-Class Cocktails at home

Setting up a well-stocked home bar isn’t a tedious task. With the right kind of tools, spirits, and cocktail recipes, you can level up your cocktail mixing skills and enjoy a wide array of cocktails at home. Check out the 7 bar essentials that you need to stock up at your home bar!

Bar tools

From measuring to mixing up the cocktail ingredients, you will need a set of bar tools. A jigger to measure alcohol, cocktail shaker, bar spoon or stirrer, cocktail strainer, muddler to mash or muddle ingredients, mixing glass, etc., are a few tools you can consider for your home bar.

Ice Tray

The taste and presentation of your cocktails depend on the quality of the ice. Ice is one of the must-have cocktail ingredients while mixing cocktails at home, it’s important to ensure that your home bar is equipped with an excellent quality ice tray.


As a home bartender, you need to stock up your home bar with the right kind of glassware for the various cocktails. Here’s a brief list of essential glassware for your home bar:

  • Highball - used for highball cocktails such as Johnnie & Green Tea, Johnnie & Apple

  • Rocks Glass - perfect for traditional whisky cocktails at home, such as Salted caramel old-fashioned

  • Collins Glass - made for collins cocktails such as Blossom Collins Cocktails
  • Coupe Glass or Martini Glass - highly recommended for dazzling martinis such as Classic Gin Martini, Espresso Martini, Tanqueray Martini With Lemon Twist

  • Decanters

Whether you want to use it as an aesthetic to serve drinks or for practical benefits such as decanting, decanters have been long loved by most home bartenders.

  • Blenders

Blenders are one of the essential bar tools for home bars, used to blend ice or juice a fruit or to give a rich and creamy texture to your frozen drinks. 

  • Cocktail Recipe

With quick access to delightful cocktail recipes, bar tools, and cocktail ingredients, you can create some of the best world-class cocktails at home with ease.

  • Spirits & Bitters

You will need a wide assortment of spirits, to mix delicious cocktails. Based on your taste and cocktail preferences, pick up the suitable cocktail ingredients that match your needs - from light spirits such as Gin or Vodka to aged spirits such as Whisky or Rum, etc.

Liqueurs, bitters, sodas and syrups are some of the most used ingredients that elevate the taste of the spirits in cocktails. Have a look at various flavour profiles, and cocktail recipes before choosing your bar stock. 

From house parties to enjoying a drink after a long day at home, your home bar will be well-stocked with the perfect tools and cocktail ingredients with these bar essentials. You can rest assured that you will be able to mix flavourful cocktails at home with ample choices to choose from.

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