Up your tourist cocktail game

By Shivaraj
Up your tourist cocktail game

If you are a whisky lover, then you might already know that there are plenty of cocktails with whisky as a base that you love and adore already.  However, if you are looking for cocktails that will be easy to make and drink while you are traveling, we have some simple yet delicious cocktail recipes that might just be exactly what you are looking for. 

Whiskey sour with a twist - In this variation of whiskey sour, all you need is lime juice, orange juice, sugar syrup and some Angostura bitters. It’s extremely easy to store the sugar syrup or worst case scenario, you can just skip it! This is a classic drink and as a whisky lover, you are bound to enjoy it. Here’s how you make it - add Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky to a glass, Angostura bitters mix well. Add orange juice, lime juice and sugar syrup and stir until it is mixed well. If you prefer it with ice, add ice to the glass first and then pour in the ingredients. 

Apple and Whiskey - This has got to be one of the easiest recipes out there. All you need is your favorite whisky, and some good apple juice. Fill your glass with ice, add the whiskey and top up with apple juice according to your preference and there you have your apple and whisky cocktail! 

Whiskey honey ginger - This is a cocktail that will have your tastebuds wanting more. It is a simple recipe where you mix ginger, honey and top it up with lemon juice. You can also add ice if you prefer it that way. If you are vacaying in cold places, this drink might just be exactly what you need to keep you warm and content.

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