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By Shivaraj
What is new and cool

Summer is just the right time to live out your vacation dreams and there are plenty of picturesque destinations in India that you get to choose from. Every place has a story of its own, a history of its own and plenty of soothing sights to view. Here are suggestions we have about some destinations you can go to and enjoy this summer - 

Shimla - This has been a popular destination in India for decades now, and for a reason! Shimla boasts amazing weather conditions and therefore is almost always one of the top picks for a summer holiday retreat. Trekking, camping, admiring architecture, you name it and you can do it. To go with this unending beauty, you can pair it with a glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label on the rocks and relishing the wonders of the amazing surroundings.

Coonoor - Known for its lush green tea estates and pleasant weather, Coonoor is located in Tamil Nadu’s hilly regions. It is a popular holiday destination with abundance of scenic views and options for exploring. As it is also a popular tourist destination, there are several great resorts that you can choose to spend time in. The best part? While you enjoy your favourite kind of Ketel One cocktail, you get to see the best views and experience some clean, refreshing air

Goa - This place needs no introductions. Being amongst the top tourist destinations in India, Goa is both happening and peaceful depending on what part of Goa you choose to go. It is also home to some of the best cocktails that you could experience. 

Pondicherry - Located in South India, Pondicherry (or ‘Puducherry’ as it is officially known) is a beautiful coastal union territory. There is a never-ending flow of tourists, wonderful French architecture or displays, and is rich in its culture and heritage. It is also home to some great bars, with an array of options for cocktails and the best kind of seafood to go with it. 

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